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Published on 11/25/2012 at Sun Nov 25 10:52.
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Fantasy football owners take note:  Knowshon Moreno will start at running back against the Kansas City Chiefs today.

Moreno has been inactive the since Week 2 but was activated—and thrust into the starting lineup—following a injury to Willis McGahee last week.

Sharing the load in the Broncos backfield will be rookie Ronnie Hillman and Lance Ball.

  • TheTroglodyte

    I was calling for Moreno to be in a full time share with McGahee this preseason because of his pass protection and pass catching. I’m about to look really smart or really dumb after today’s game.

    Please Knowshon, just make it through the game healthy without a fumble, getting hurt, or blowing a blocking assignment. For the love of god, suck at everything else but do NOT blow a blocking assignment!

  • Brandon Kirk

    Moreno is playing like he wants to stay a Bronco or something.

  • Big_Pete

    Moreno played a solid game… much better (for this week) than McGahee has looked since possibly the Saints game! He definitely earned another start, and if he keeps playing like this, McGahee won’t be our starter if/when he comes back from injury.

  • Big_Pete

    Played better than Willis has in the past month. PLUS, no fumbles, and he can catch passes unlike Willis (or so it seems).