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Published on 11/24/2012 at Sat Nov 24 22:06.
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On Wednesday, I declared that Denver’s Von Miller was a more complete player than San Francisco’s Aldon Smith.

Later that evening, a 49ers fan, @CHerrera1106 on Twitter, responded to my proclamation.  Unfortunately, Chris’s mentions remained unnoticed on my Twitter feed until Saturday morning.  Fortunately, I was able to respond to Chris on Saturday evening, starting a humorous conversation.

After the jump, I have compiled our back-and-forth, typo-filled conversation. It’s worth a few moments of your time, if only for a chuckle.

Thoughts, everyone?

  • Leo Maes

    you forgot to mention we have the most sacks in the nfl… as well this is just my prediction Saints win tomorrow against the Niners.. and sb prediction for me changed two weeks ago ( I had broncos vs niners) I have changed and believe the Saints will be there as well of course the BRONCOS!!! and he is crazy to say his offense is more deadly than ours… smh, would love to chat with this guy one day lol GO BRONCOS!!!

  • bri

    Hahaha Oh 49er fans. -_- The Sheriff is going all the way this year.

  • SÃ…m Smith

    It comes down to consistency. Point blank! What ever team shows up with the hot hand will have the advantage. A team (Broncos) that has been winning every game automatically has that hand. Peyton is a qb that will tear any d apart. Their qbs are alright. Our d can stop them though.

  • Josh Temple
  • Tone Lellinger

    Chris lost all credibility by saying Peyton is a “regular season” quarterback. So many ways to prove him wrong, but no sense in bothering with someone so closed-minded. And just because my picture is of Peyton Manning doesn’t mean I’m being biased! But he is right about Denver beating nobody. You can’t expect them to do anything in the playoffs if they lose every game versus a worthy opponent. (Texans, falcons, pats, and we’ll see about ravens). The playoffs are basically a coin flip, so my money is on Peyton.

  • Mike Birtwistle

    That comic is a gift that keeps on giving

  • dogheadbrew

    1. Why is the term “homer” so derisive, and generally bandied about by the said same?

    2. If we are simply using previous QB SB wins, just let Rogers, Brady, Rothlessbramburgers, and Mr. E. Manning ro-sham-bo it out.

    3. SF may have a great shot at winning it all, but at this point I would take a weathered, professional field general with an even keeled head coach, rather than an emotional roller coaster and his perpetually questioned/undermined QB.

  • Big_Pete

    The thing is that our team is sooooooo much different now than the team that started the season.

    Peyton was rusty and it showed. Our Defense was struggling to stop anyone because we had a few players starting that hindsight says shouldn’t have been. Our special teams was suspect at best.

    That Broncos team that lost to Atlanta, Houston, and Patriots isn’t the same team we have right now. Peyton is continuing to get better, our Defense is playing like the #1 Defense in the league, our Special Teams are truly Special, instead of Special Ed..

    If this Broncos team goes up against Atalanta, I take the Broncos.
    If this Broncos team goes up against Houston, I take the Broncos.
    If this Broncos team goes up against New England, I’ll take the points. haha. I think we could take the Patriots, but it would take no mistakes. The Pats have shown themselves vulnerable, but they have also shown that they will capitalize big on any mistakes. If we didn’t turn the ball over, I’d take us; however, we constantly seem to turn the ball over, so until that shores up, I’m taking the points to cover. lol

    And finally, if this Broncos team goes up against the 49ers, I take the Broncos every day of the week and twice on Sunday.


  • TheTroglodyte


  • Big_Pete


  • TheTroglodyte

    The 49ers TIED the rams WTFOMGROTFL.

    But in all seriousness, a SB game between the two teams could easily go either way. If the Colts defense didn’t absolutely carry Manning through 3 games on the way to the SB (I’m a huge colts fan and those 3 games [2006] were arguably the worst string of performances by any QB in the history of the NFL playoffs) he would be 3 – 9 in the playoffs and no SB ring.

    I think/hope Manning has become better at handling playoff pressure though and we have a defense that can win games too.

  • Brian

    “The 49ers’ brilliant outside ‘backer, Aldon Smith, has 43 quarterback disruptions this year on 292 pass rushes. Miller has 61 on 297, 41 percent more on nearly the same number of attempts.”

    Read More: