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Published on 11/23/2012 at Fri Nov 23 08:00.
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(Images courtesy of US Presswire/Getty Images)

For the first time since October, both cornerback Tracy Porter and offensive guard Chris Kuper could be out on the field on Sunday.

When the Broncos take on the Chiefs this weekend, Porter (illness) and Kuper (ankle) should be able to play.

Both players fully participated in practice throughout week and Porter was cleared to play on Thursday.

“Every prayer you guys sent up for me has been answered everyday.  I thank you [all] for that.  And I will make sure I show you guys my thank you’s,” Porter tweeted earlier in the week.

If Kuper is able to go, he will reclaim his starting right guard position from Manny Ramirez, who has filled in for seven games this season.  Kuper’s return will be welcomed by quarterback Peyton Manning, as Ramirez has allowed a team-high seven sacks this season.

If Porter is able to play, it will likely be in a rotational role, as Chris Harris and Tony Carter have stepped up during his absence.  It will be interesting to see if Porter, now healthy, can reclaim his starting position this season.  We’ll be watching closely—stay tuned.

  • Takeo gill

    Let the secondary be Bailey, porter, Harris, Adams, and more…then bring in Carter on third downs along with the

  • Jason Holm

    Carter has been incredible, maybe the best beside Bailey, why bench him? I’d be slow to integrate Porter, using him in rotational/dime role.

  • herc_rock

    Porter should be the dime right now. Doesn’t make sense to mess w/ Harris and Carter the way they’re playing.

  • Big_Pete


    Bailey, Harris, Carter are playing out of their minds. There is no reason at all to allow Porter to play except as a pure dime corner. Harris and Carter are the future. Porter is old and on a 1 year contract. I could understand if he was playing leaps and bounds better than Harris and Carter, but he isn’t. I think Del Rio won’t chance messing with this defense.

  • Brandon Kirk

    Porter is 26…

  • Doom92


    He wasn’t playing better at any point before he was hurt. He did play well at times but these to together have been more consistent easily!

  • Doom92

    I can see him being the Nickle easily, he doesn’t suck. But I agree that the Tone should get the start…

  • Doom92

    Awesome to get Kupe back, he is so far beyond the level of Ramirez…

  • Big_Pete

    Yeah he is! Although Ramirez is a solid backup, there’s no mistaking him for a solid starter. I wasn’t sure Kupe would ever return when we saw his foot pointing the wrong direction. Seeing that on an already full belly of beer wasn’t good! My friend and I almost lost it. *barf*

  • Doom92

    Yeah that was for sure gruesome! I’m super glad he is back. I don’t think Ramirez is a scrub and we for sure could do worse, but like you said, he is a solid back up.

    Now if we can just keep the running game going we’ll be much better off, Kupe should help that a good bit… And run behind the human plow Big Zane ;-).

  • Michael Gibbons

    Hahahaha I was thinking the same thing