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Published on 11/22/2012 at Thu Nov 22 14:02.
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Cornerback Tracy Porter looks to return this Sunday against the Chiefs.

Tracy Porter, remember him?

Porter was one of the earliest free agent signings this off-season for the Denver Broncos and he came on strong as the season began, starting four of the first five games. Intercepting a pass in the first game of the season against the Pittsburgh Steelers and running it back for a touchdown earned him Week One AFC Defensive Player of the Week honors.

Then mysteriously, he simply was not allowed to travel with the team. He was apparently showing symptoms of a concussion nearly a week after the game against the New England Patriots. That was Week Six (October 15th) and he hasn’t been involved in a game since.

In the meantime, the Broncos have seen incredible games from two Sophomore cornerbacks who weren’t even drafted last season– Chris Harris and Tony Carter.

Now, Porter is cleared and ready to return to play in Week Twelve against the Kansas City Chiefs. It is important to remember that Porter was having similar symptoms back in August prior to having a seizure; so it’s not as if he was being held out for any reason other than his own health.

Denver has some decisions to make as rookie Omar Bolden is also ready to return. Bolden has contributed mainly on special teams this season, but is also returning from a concussion. That’s a really stuffed secondary and as Harris and Carter have demonstrated, action-packed full of talent.

Porter will be active on Sunday, it’s possible that he may not be active, but likely that he will. Pushing Harris to nickle situations and Carter in on dime packages. Bolden and Carter have both contributed significantly on special teams, but with the inclusion of both Porter and Bolden on an active roster… It’s hard to tell whom the Broncos will make inactive.

Keep in mind the Chiefs could be without star receiver Dwayne Bowe this week.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Ian Henson

  • Big_Pete

    How is it “likely that he will” start? I think that Del Rio won’t mess with this defense. Besides, Porter will be completely out of game shape.

  • Brandon Kirk

    I think Harris and Carter earned their spots. Porter will be in the mix ahead of Bolden but, like DJ, he’ll be eased back in.

  • Doom92

    Not only this buuuut I don’t think he was playing better than the other guys when he went out. I say this and I like him!

  • Bryan

    I agree with both of you. I can see a limited role for him but starting…nehhh. TC and Harris are ballin’ right now. You stay on the ride until it stops.

  • Bryan

    Great news! Can he play RB? LOL

  • Charles Weisenberg

    Its called depth, baby. How many teams have that kind or bench strength at CB!

  • anthony33

    This is what you call a “high class problem”.

  • Speer999

    Yet another weapon for us to utilize and keep our players fresh. I see other teams starting to shake in their boots. I’m confident we’ll be ready to beat the Ravens when the time comes. I only hope that Ball, Hillman, and Moreno step up to the plate and strong.