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Published on 11/17/2012 at Sat Nov 17 07:30.
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(Image courtesy of Stuart Zaas/Denver Broncos)

The Denver Broncos will wear their alternate all-blue (jersey and pants) uniforms when they take on the San Diego Chargers at Sports Authority Field @ Mile High this weekend.  As part of the NFL’s Salute to Service campaign, each player will also be representing the military branch of his choice with a decal of that branch’s logo on his helmet.

The team captains, including quarterback Peyton Manning, will have camouflage captain patches on their respective jerseys and the skill players will break out Nike’s camo Vapor Jet Gloves.  When the team takes the field, they will be led by 25 soldiers from the 4th Infantry Division at Fort Carson Army Base.

Before kickoff, the team will honor the military with a patriotic pregame show. The team is asking fans to arrive early in order to sing the National Anthem together before the game.

At halftime, practice squad defensive lineman and Colorado Air National Guard 1st Lieutenant Ben Garland will present a game ball to military members.

“That’s a huge honor,” Garland told the team’s official website.  “Any time you’re able to represent not only the country, but represent the Broncos in an event like that, it’s a huge honor for me.”

Kickoff is scheduled for 2:25 p.m. MT on Sunday afternoon and the game will be broadcast on CBS.  Join us on game day as we cover the team’s first all-blue appearance of 2012 — see you at kickoff!

  • Jeff

    Hope theses uniforms don’t change their luck. This game makes me a little on edge, I have seen this many times before SD coming in and leaving with the “W” but the upside is we do have Manning now.

  • JROD

    Love the “ALL BLUE!” As much as I respect everyone wanting to bring back the orange jerseys, the all blue kicks butt! GO BRONCOS!

  • areferee

    Wikipedia defines “skill positions” as:

    “Skill positions in football are the positions that are most responsible for causing or preventing points from being scored.”

    Sunday, that will be Peyton Manning in the former and Phillip Rivers and Norv Turner in the latter.

  • TheTroglodyte

    Dang Jon, you are single handedly keeping this site alive. Kudos to you my friend as you are doing a great job. What the heck happened to the rest of the team though?

  • Benjamin DeRita

    good to see Ben Garland involved. I loved what Joe Mays and the d line did for him over the summer, that was some powerful stuff. Go Broncos!!

    Also I really want to see Virgil Green get a few passes and be more involved in the running game, he reminds me a Wesley Duke before his injury

  • Doom92

    Just to let you know Jon my man Army is a Post and not a Base…lol ;-). I did time at Ft. Carson and loved the Springs back then, plus back then the Springs was a chick haven for sure.

    I am so stoked about the Orange Jerseys, I love’em for sure but have to admit that the ALL Blue is bad ass. Plus Peyton looks awesome in Orange…lol. I always wanted us to wear that every week as it looks so much better than the white pants with blue.

    I agree with Jeff in that this game puts me a little on edge too. Division games are always scary, even when the Raiders suck they find a way to beat us, same with KC and SD. I don’t believe in superstitions at all, I think things just are or just are not so I don’t thing the Jersey color will matter however.

  • Jon Broncos Heath

    That was the wording the official site used, I shouldn’t have trusted them! Thank you for serving, Doom92!

  • Roy

    Love that they are giving the military some love. Personally, I wish
    that they would do the camo for a month and leave the pink for the
    ladies. While breast cancer is a worthy cause, there needs to be more
    attention given to those who have served. I’d also like to take this
    opportunity to thank all of my fellow vets for your service.

  • Dan Allen

    Thank you for the story on today’s uniforms. I searched Google quite a few times before I found this article. I am sure there are others out there, explaining the Broncos blue uniforms today, but I could not find any.

    They might have mentioned it during the game, but I did not hear much of the commentary, especially the opening.