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Published on 11/12/2012 at Mon Nov 12 17:02.
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(AP Photo/Chris Schneider)

On Monday, Broncos Coach John Fox made two positive announcements when meeting with the media at Dove Valley.

First, Fox noted that defensive end Elvis Dumervil, who suffered a shoulder injury on Sunday and had an MRI this morning, did not suffer a tear.  “(The) MRI proved negative. It’s a muscle strain.  So that was good news,” Fox told the team’s official website.

Secondly, Fox announced that ninth-year linebacker D.J. Williams is back from multiple suspensions.  “We get an exemption for D.J. this week.  We’re excited to have him back. He’s a good football player.”  With an exemption, the Broncos will not have to make a corresponding roster move until after Week 11.

Williams will likely play this weekend—in a limited role at the very least—while Dumervil is “day-to-day,” according to Fox. The Broncos’ defense, ranked sixth overall this season, will not have trouble finding a role for Williams, who recorded 90 tackles, 5.0 sacks and three forced fumbles in thirteen games last season.

It’s good to see that Dumervil’s injury was not serious.  Meanwhile, it will be interesting to see how quickly Williams returns to Denver’s starting lineup.  He could be inserted as early as this week when the Broncos take on San Diego in Denver.

  • Takeo gill

    Move DJ Williams to middle linebacker and keep Woodyard at weak side with von miller at strong side

  • Jon Broncos Heath

    I could live with that, but Keith Brooking has been playing really well at MLB.

  • AZDynamics

    From some of the stupid questions DJ fielded, as shown on the official website, it’s no wonder he seldom grants interviews . . .

  • Takeo gill

    Let him play the back up

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  • Carlo Scuri

    i totally agree with you, i also appreciate Brooking, but D.J. is faster and he can cover better in passing game.

  • Takeo gill

    See and dat would be a big boost too our defense

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  • Bryan

    First things first..glad to hear Doom didn’t have a bad injury.

    Now about DJ. He screwed up bad this year. Yes, he’s done his time. I’m glad he’s (finally) back. With that said, theres no way he should be given his starting spot back. Taking WW off the field would be a terrible idea. He isn’t getting Von’s spot either. Brooking has been playing very well. If anything happens, its going to happen there. Let DJ sub in for KB. His level of play determines the amount of snaps he sees.

    It’s going to be interesting to see who gets cut in week 11.

  • Big_Pete

    This is what the Broncos should do with DJ….

    Preferred Plan: Use this next game to see how he fits with this defense. While his on field talent can’t be denied, he isn’t in “game shape”, and more importantly, our defense has a chemistry that exceeds individual talent. If DJ can play and our defense gets better, then he can get his starting position back regardless of if it means Brookings or Woodyard moves to the bench.

    Alternate Plan: Because our defense is gelling so well, and because we see how 2 players can completely tilt how well our defense plays (Mays and Porter out), we may want to have DJ sub in for Woodyard and Brookings. Basically, have DJ be a spot duty linebacker, thus, keeping our starting defense’s chemistry intact.

    Because DJ is seeing less playing time, he’ll be fresh. Because he’s fresh, he can slide seamlessly into his high school position of running back and start taking carries away from McGahee. McGahee has fumble problems, and his production these last 5 games (with the lone exception against New Orleans), so we should insert DJ in as RB much like we will be doing with him at LB. See what the guy has. Remember, John Madden said DJ was only the 2nd player he’s ever seen that would be able to jump to the NFL from high school (as a running back). Let DJ show us all what he has. If he does great, then we are that much more dangerous. If he doesn’t, then hey, he’s only used in spot duty, so no big deal, we can scrap the idea.

  • Big_Pete

    my money is on either Porter or Julius Thomas to get cut. Or maybe instead of cutting anyone, they move Porter to injured reserve to free up the roster spot?

  • Doom92

    Interesting Pete, I’ve been wondering and asked where you have been.

    I read an article the other that stated that DJ is all sorry for his actions and once again has vowed to have already changed. I was buying it right up to when he said he was bitter toward the NFL. He has ZERO to be bitter about. The NFL didn’t go out and get another DUI and the NFL didn’t use PID’s and the NFL didn’t turn in animal urine for a drug test. His bitterness toward the NFL tells me that the only thing hi is truly sorry for is that he didn’t get to play.

    I truly believe this is one bird that can for sure NOT change the colors of his feathers and I think we are better off with out him and his super amazing talents. He is in MHO a decent NFL line backer at best. Never being better than how WW is playing right now.
    Oh and yes I am for sure glad Doom’s injury isnt super serious. He didnt look to me to be in a great deal of pain on the sidelines when I watched the game last night. Sunday I was in Phoenix at the Advocare 500. Yes it was awesome!

  • MeOMy

    Put him on Special Teams and have him backup Brooking. Any game were we go into the second half with a lead we should put DJ in a middle linebacker to keep Brooking fresh for the playoffs. The guy is old (Younger then me) and will need his rest. The team needs to start thinking about keeping the starters healthy and fresh for the playoffs.

  • Big_Pete

    I’ve been busy with school and now remodeling the house, so not much time to post in here.

    But yes, While DJ is talented, his talent isn’t greater than the chemistry that our D is currently playing with. I’ve always LOVED Woodyard, and years ago I thought he should start in front of DJ. I’m still standing by that. While Wood is undersized, he plays much larger than he is.

    DJ shouldn’t be given his starting position back, and personally, I don’t think JDR will give it back to him. We saw this in all the offseason stuff, where DJ was shunned by JDR even though he was allowed to practice. Perhaps it was because he knew that DJ would be sitting out half the season, so there was no reason to get him involved, or maybe it was because JDR knew that this defense could succeed without DJ.

    Either way, I think that DJ needs to earn playing time. Nothing is given in the NFL. If our D doesn’t suffer from DJ backing up Brookings or Woodyard, then that’ll be his role. If he starts over either of them, and our D slumps, I truly believe that JDR will yank him and put him back as a backup. We saw it with Mays and with Porter. The eye test will dictate how much he plays. As of right now, I’d stick him in as a rotational player only, and then stick him in at RB for McGahee. Even if DJ plays better than Brooking, our overall defense might suffer from the lack of chemistry. If that’s the case, then back to the bench he needs to go. But he needs to play into that role anyways, and who knows if he can at this point.

  • Big_Pete

    And yes, he is a mental midget. He’s only sorry he got caught. The guy will never learn. At this point, he is who he is. He’ll have one hell of a time adjusting to the real world once he retires.

  • Doom92

    Agree with all especially the points with JDR. I don’t think anyone there is willing to loose any chemistry by playing him.

    The whole RB think is quite interesting though. I had not heard anything about this until getting on here today. Has there been any talk of it in the media, or should I say anything even remotely dependable in the media?

    Glad school and the house is coming along enough to allow you to get back on.

  • Doom92

    I like that a bunch… DJ on SPT. That would simply be classic…lol.

  • Big_Pete

    Nope, nothing in the media about DJ at RB. It was just me connecting dots, even though it’ll probably never come about. Who knows, maybe some “up there” media members will read these blogs and then run with it and start asking the coaches, which will put the seed in their mind. It just kinda made sense seeing Willis is slumping and always fumbling, and DJ was an amazing RB.

    Thanks for the kind words. You are one of only 2 people I actually follow and enjoy reading posts from. Glad to be back!

  • Big_Pete

    haha, even though DJ seemed to scoff at that notion when someone asked him that during the interview. If you listen to the audio, he actually laughed at that question as if saying “wtf are you doing by even asking me this? I’m NOT a ST player. How insulting.” and then answered it with his “what do you want me to say? I’m a player, and want to play and help any way I can…” But DJ is definitely NOT up for playing on special teams. haha. They should do it anyways, just to haze him and show him that his antics from before will not be tolerated.

    You know how people think that the ultimate slap in the face is benching them so they can’t contribute? Well, DJ has done that with his suspension, so the next logical “put him in his place” move would be to have him on special teams. haha I love this idea!!!

  • Bryan

    The RB thing is pushing it Pete. But its an interesting way to find a use for DJ. I doubt PFM would feel good with DJ running the rock out of the back field or picking up the correct blitz. I would say that there’s a really low chance (1.0%-1.1%) that DJ has anything to do with the offense, unless he goes in as a FB.

    Regardless, getting DJ back adds depth to our LB corps. He’s played all LB spots on this team that there is to play. As you mentioned, having DJ means he can spot the other guys until his level of play is up (which is what I favor right now also). He also gives JDR the option to run both a 4-3 and 3-4 look whenever he wants to mix things up alittle. Special Teams. So there’s already alot of places he can be used defensively. His return puts this team is a good position. Having too much talent is always a good thing.

  • Paradisimo

    Totally agree, make him earn his spot just like a first year player. Giving him a starting spot right away does nothing but perpetuate his attitude of entitlement.

  • Big_Pete

    While I agree that there is probably less than 1% chance of him going in as a RB, who would you rather have pick up a blitz? Moreno, or a stud LB who has played RB before? Being a LB, he should have extensive knowledge of how to pick up a blitz, cause he’s usually the one blitzing. That’s what made Spencer Larson so great in it. He knew how to block against things he himself would try doing. Also, DJ would dish out the punishing yards probably better than McGahee, and he’s probably just as fast. But either way, there is virtually a zero percent chance of it happening. It’s just something I wish would happen.

  • Bryan

    I was thinking Chris Gronkowski myself. It’s hard to say what’s going on with Porter right now. If the doctors are not willing to chance him playing the rest of the season, then IR him. However, if he can play, he plays. Maybe IR with the option to return?
    I hate to go too far off topic here, but if I’m the FO, I’d be looking to claim Alameda Ta’amu off of waivers. Could provide a great young nucleus for this defense in the future.

  • Big_Pete

    Isn’t it nice to have these type of problems though? I mean, usually we’re trying to run guys out of town, and now that we have a pro-bowl linebacker coming back, we’re struggling to find someone to cut in order to make room for him! Talk about a complete 180 degree turn around from just a few years ago!

  • Bryan

    I see you point and I raise you a, “who would you rather have catching that much needed screen pass or check down…Moreno or DJ?” LOL…Like we said man…it’s good to have these “problems”!

  • Big_Pete

    Agreed, but Moreno is prone to fumbling too…
    All I know is that we have that winning feeling back in the organization. I love it!

  • jesse

    DJ Williams has alot of talent if JDR can get vickerson and mays playing good then DJ can be are next bustout player.after acouple of years of what some call bad luck I’m glad to see some good luck come our why. and the fact that most of it as made by John and John is just great.lets get a veteran center just in case. lets keep DJ just to be safe. lets sign these great but injuryed players and see what they got “Brooking”. this is how good luck is made.

  • Speer999

    I read somewhere that DJ will free up some positions to better cover our tight-end coverage problems. This gives me more confidence as a serious super-bowl contender. Brady is in for a surprise if we see him during the playoffs.

  • Benjamin DeRita

    IMO DJ is still DJ and deserves respect (no ST garbage) he’s been a stud and probably has the most talent around him since Al and Ian Gold were running with him.