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Published on 11/05/2012 at Mon Nov 05 07:40.
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  • There were a few ups and downs for the Denver Broncos as they played the Cincinnati Bengals, but overall it was another solid offensive output and though the defense came up short at times, they came up big when they needed too.  The Broncos stand at 5-3 and halfway to the tournament. [ & Denver Post]
  • Are Peyton Manning and the Broncos the class of the AFC?  I don’t think they are yet, but anything can happen in the playoffs. []
  • This just in – Von Miller is a star!  Duh. [Rant Sports]
  • Peter King barely had anything to say about the Broncos, so he won’t be getting a link today.  However, they did have a nice box score that highlighted how the Broncos won another game… []
  • Someone also needs to key me in on how people track 4th quarter comebacks, because since, when I was just becoming an adult in 1998 John Elway had 47 4th quarter comebacks, yet now he has like 35 or some bullcrap. Stupid whiny Dolphins fans seem to think regular season greatness is more important than Championship game greatness.  I have a book in print that shows each of Elway’s comebacks, so Dolphins fans can keep on whining. I’ve digressed, the story here is that Peyton Manning has achieved his 48th comeback of his career. That is, unless you ask a Dolphins fan. [USA Today]

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  • TheTroglodyte

    4th quarter comebacks depends on who is doing the counting. There is not a set prerequisite.

    To me only GWD – Game Winning Drives should be counted and only with 2 minutes or less in the game. Driving your team down for the go ahead score with 10 minutes left in the game is a cheap individual way to look at a team accomplishment.

    If anyone had a 4th quarter comeback against the Bengals it was our defense and special teams anyway. Had the Bengals been able to fully capitalize on their chances, it would have been out of hand.

  • Toxik Zine

    whats the word on Kuper? looks like a bad sprain on the same foot he broke last season.

  • BroncosWin

    Thanx 4 tha linx

  • BroncosWin

    Seriously. THANKS. FOR. THE. LINKS.

  • BroncosWin

    I mean it.

  • BroncosWin

    So, according to your requirements, Monday against the chargers was not a 4th Quarter comeback?

  • BroncosWin

    I hope he’s okay.

  • Tim Lynch

    Last I heard the Xrays are negative. If its a high ankle sprain then he probably won’t be 100% until next Spring…

  • Tim Lynch

    Thanks. Been busy lately…trying to get 2 of these out a week. Will see if someone else can pick up my slack. ;)

  • Jon Broncos Heath

    It was a second half comeback…

  • Jason Williams

    Dolphins fans are the worst….whine about everyone else doing better but when they are doing well they rub your face in it. We need a team to go undefeated so these fans will shut the hell up.

  • Tim Lynch
  • Tim Lynch

    Ding ding ding! We have a winner Johnny!

  • Bryan

    Hopefully Ramirez can play well over the next 4 or 5 games so Kup isn’t rushing to get back. High ankle sprains heal slowly. Don’t want to force him back if he’s not 100%. In 4-ish weeks, we’ll be talking about the push through the playoffs which is obviously when we will need him the most.

  • Benjamin DeRita

    I thought Manny Ramirez stepped up big after filling in nicely earlier
    on in the season. Undoubtedly one of the most important keys to victory
    will be the protection of PFM from here on out. Also I loved seeing
    Rahim The Dream in on some tackles and finally looks like hes putting
    it together. as for others obviously I love seeing Woodro continue to
    ball along with the play from Danny Trevathan, who in my eyes has looked
    really quick and his solid tackling makes him a viable option for years
    to come (hopefully) GO BRONCOS!