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Published on 11/02/2012 at Fri Nov 02 13:00.
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We’re starting a new weekly series, Between the Numbers (BTN), evaluating where some of Denver’s biggest stars stand in comparison to the rest of the NFL. Today, we’ll look at WR Demaryius Thomas.

Thomas is averaging 97.0 receiving yards per game heading into Week 9 of the season, which ranks second in the NFL.  Here’s a look at how the stacks up against the rest of the receivers in the NFL:

WR Demaryius Thomas Yards Avg. Yds/G TD Long 1st 20+
Receiving: 679 17.4 97.0 4 71T 24 16
League Rank: 3rd 1st* 2nd T-4 4th* T-14 1st
*Excluding WRs with <30 catches

As is evident from Thomas’ fantastic standings above, the Broncos offense, namely, the wide receivers, have benefited greatly from the presence of quarterback Peyton Manning.  If Thomas’ numbers keep improving, he may be looking at a Pro Bowl season.

What have you thought of Thomas’s performance through the season thus far? Has he lived up to your expectations?

  • TheTroglodyte

    Thomas has been a beast. If he can stay health *fingers crossed* he’s going to have a very long and productive career.

  • Paul E. Smith

    I just hope that he keeps an even head, and continues to stay at Mannings expectations. I just hope he dosn’t get the B. Marshal complex…. If he keeps the even head, and with Manning as a QB the sky is the limit over the next couple of years for him and Decker….

  • Derrick Johnson

    Great WR… Possibly the leagues best!!!! I see him catching more than 80 passes for over 1,300 yards and 10 Touchdowns.