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Published on 11/01/2012 at Thu Nov 01 13:00.
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We’re starting a new weekly series, Between the Numbers (BTN), evaluating where some of Denver’s biggest stars stand in comparison to the rest of the NFL.  Today, we’ll look at RB Willis McGahee. 

McGahee is coming off of his 33rd 100-yard rushing performance, which ranks first among active NFL players. Excluding his fumbles, which the Broncos are looking to correct, McGahee’s motor has been a reliable option for Denver’s offense this season. Here’s how he stacks up against fellow NFL backs:

RB Willis McGahee Yards Avg. Yds/G TD Long 1st 1st%
Rushing: 554 4.5 79.1 4 31 37 29.0
League Rank: 14th 12th* 9th T-4 T-22* 2nd 5th*
*Excluding QBs, low-carry RBs

As the numbers show, McGahee’s attempts, average, and yards-per-game average rank near the middle of the NFL.  Meanwhile, his number of scores, first downs, and first down percentage numbers rank near the top of the league. The veteran can still be counted on to move the sticks and is Denver’s best short-yardage option.

What have you thought of McGahee’s performance through the season thus far?  Has he lived up to your expectations?

  • BetterThanCottonCandy

    I remember seeing him blow out his knee. Didn’t think he would ever play after that. Glad he is. One of the many bright spots on the team. First down machine.

  • Jim_Jebow

    I am still impressed with Willis, but I worry about what happens if he goes down. I really like Hillman, but he is not, nor do I think he will ever be, a feature back. Passing on Doug Martin might come back to haunt the Broncos if Willis does go down. But I have my fingers crossed and hope he continue slaying it

  • BroncosWin

    He’s also doing quite well in fantasy land. I have him on a couple of my fantasy teams and he’s quite a reliable option…. last week he racked up nearly 20 fantasy points.

    He’s been a great back since we brought him here. He’s Champ Baily on the offensive side of the ball (an ageless wonder.)

  • BroncosWin

    We also have Lance Ball and we still have Moreno, who even though has been in the doghouse as of late, is still a hell of an athlete

    I’m sure a star RB will be among our top draft prospects in 2013 anyone know if there are some decent 2nd rounders coming out of college next year?

  • BroncosWin

    He’s a beast.
    Still waiting for him to break that big run though!!

    That’s the only time I can really tell his age, when he’s in all kinds of open field and only gets 20 or 30 yards instead of taking it to the house.

  • 350legend

    Hes doing an awesome job running the ball, forget about his age, his work speak for itself!

  • TheTroglodyte

    I haven’t seen him do much against stout run defenses. He’s an average back playing in what is likely his last productive year in the league.

  • Jon Broncos Heath

    Reality check alert!

    Ouch, that was a gut bunch to Willis.

  • TheTroglodyte