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Published on 10/18/2012 at Thu Oct 18 10:53.
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Over at Shutdown Corner (SC), MJD has put together his Week 6 “Absurdly Premature 2013 Playoff Picture“, with the Denver Broncos making the cut as division champions.

Yahoo!‘s MJD has the Broncos claiming the AFC West crown and San Diego missing the playoffs.  His explanation below:  

[…] But with a great big Stephen A. Smith However … the unspeakable evens of Monday night happened. That was real. It was not some devastating football night terror. The Chargers are about as emotionally healthy right now as Ellen Burstyn character in “Requiem for a Dream.” Losses like that are how people end up with the demeanor and mannerisms for Norv Turner.

I don’t know if they can recover emotionally, and even if they do, I don’t know if Philip Rivers can right that thing. I’m going to need to see the Chargers come back after the bye week and do something against Cleveland other than ball themselves up in the fetal position and suck their thumbs. It’ll be two weeks before I will even consider considering them again.

MJD, a Chargers fan, made little mention of the Broncos other than to project them the AFC West champions, basically by default.  Heading into the Bye Week, if the season ended today, the Broncos would win the division due to their division play tie-breaker (2-0 vs. SD’s 1-1).

Check back next week as we continue to follow Denver’s playoff chances throughout the course of the season.  Enjoy the Bye Week, folks.

  • Terry Bleeks

    How can the Eagles be a Division Champion but the Giants are #2 seed?????

  • AZDynamics

    It’ll be interesting to see whether Baltimore can maintain their lofty status after the losses of Lewis and their best CB . . .

  • areferee

    There are too many errors here. Why is there no NFC North Division winner? As Bleeks said: the Giants and the Eagles thing is wrong.

    There is no credibility here. Sorry.

  • jdkchem

    The bizarre world of super-dolt mjd.

  • Doom92

    I agree but I think the whole point was just for fun, least that is how I took it. Clearly this having “credibility” really doesn’t matter; even if the teams were aligned correctly it still wouldn’t mean any thing more than a little slow time fun.

  • DougEngland

    I would say that the Bears and Eagles are inadvertantly flipped. The Bears are Division Champs and the Eagles the Wild Card.