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Published on 10/07/2012 at Sun Oct 07 14:20.
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The rain drizzled all morning and into the afternoon before the Denver Broncos received the kickoff from the New England Patriots (Image courtesy of

2012 Week 5 – Denver Broncos at New England Patriots – The BT GameBlog.

Join us on this rainy day in Foxbourough as we’re sticking with the new format for this week. Continue to follow us on Twitter @BroncoTalk for continuous updates throughout the game, otherwise keep it locked into the comments below.

We’ll be here discussing the game through all four quarters, posting stats, and more!


  • postalmoose

    I like Willis, glad he is here but that was plain bad. It might have kept the spark going. That just killed it.

  • Tim Lynch

    Ok….daddy is starting to feel good again.

  • postalmoose

    If we had a couple of Von Millers on defense w would be much better

  • Tim Lynch

    Ok, now you can blame McGahee. :P

  • postalmoose

    McGahee has hurt us today.

  • BroncoSteve

    That was our chance……

  • postalmoose

    Later fellas next week

  • Mike

    Mr. Elway,
    I know geezers like geezers, how do you like this years record? Last year 1-4 caused a QB change….how about this year??

  • Mike

    Anyone miss Tim T? We trade away a young tested winner for the best of last generation. What a strategy. Talk about short sighted!!

  • Matt Dierking

    I don’t know about you guys, but I’m OK with giving Willis and Joe Mays their walking papers.

  • Deborah Hamilton

    I just watched the most amazing quarterback in the NFL Peyton Manning Broncos You ddn’t protect him I sure wish the Colts would of
    kept him Take care of him Broncos Peyton we miss you !!! We live in Indiana and colts will never be the same!! Broncos Take Care OF PEYTON!!

  • gmac5

    Are you really serious?? Our quarterback throws for 345 and 3 TD’s and we miss Tim Tebow?? Don’t give me this crap about wins either! Tebow had a frickin patty cake schedule. We have lost to three of the best teams in the NFL.

  • gmac5

    What more do you want Peyton to do? Do you want him to play middle linebacker, or maybe our nickel defender and cover Wes Welker, Maybe he could be running back and not fumble the ball. Last year Tim Tebow VS. the Patriots was 9 of 26 for 136 yards. Man I wish we had that back!!!!!

  • kaili

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