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Published on 10/05/2012 at Fri Oct 05 18:21.
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It’s old news by now but you may have heard reports on Thursday that Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning had acquired partial ownership of the NBA team Memphis Grizzlies.  Those reports were false.

Quotes released by the team indicate that Peyton’s wife, Ashley, has agreed to become a minority owner of the Grizzlies.

“I am very excited to make the commitment to join the potential new ownership group of the Memphis Grizzlies,” Ashley Manning said in a statement released Thursday evening.  “As a native of Memphis, it was important to me that the Grizzlies remain in Tennessee and continue to have a positive impact on the community.”

If our understanding is correct, Peyton has had little involvement in the process, contrary to some reports.

“I am proud of Ashley as she pursues this opportunity with the Memphis Grizzlies,” said Peyton.  “While my focus is on playing quarterback for the Denver Broncos, I look forward to watching her become involved with her hometown team.”

The Grizzles will open the season on October 31st against the Los Angeles Clippers.  Peyton and the Broncos have games on the 28th (vs. NO) and 4th (@ CIN), so he could feasibly attend the Grizzlies’ first game, though as a supporter, not an owner.

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