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Published on 09/24/2012 at Mon Sep 24 07:21.
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  • A second straight week of frustrating football for us Denver Broncos fans, but at least Peyton Manning has been able to make the scores respectable. [BroncoTalk]
  • The highlight reels are tough to watch for the first half, but the second half of the video is entertaining enough! []
  • It wasn’t just Peyton Manning who struggled early, the Orange Crush defense was more like the Swiss cheese defense.  [Denver Post]
  • Oddly enough, where the Broncos defense seemed to come up big time after time for Tim Tebow last season, they are coming up short for Peyton Manning. The law of averages appears to be evening things out. [CBS Sports]
  • Not everyone is bothered by Manning’s bad quarter from yesterday’s game, but the Broncos need to rebound quickly to stay competitive in 2012. [Denver Post & ESPN]
  • The lone bright spot from yesterday was Rod Smith being inducted into the Denver Broncos Ring of Fame. A well deserved honor. []

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  • Sam Camel

    The scores may be respectable,
    but the play is not! There are more late and unnecessary hits by the defense. The team has lost its class. Elway you are right Tim is not right for your team. I am laughing too hard. At least Tim Tebow won his late quarter come backs.

  • Tim Lynch

    I know its hard to not be somewhat bitter about the Tebow thing, but really its a law of averages. John Elway was one of the greatest at pulling out last second wins, but he was probably only successful 50% of the time.

    In 2011, somehow the Broncos won every single close game Tebow started. The defense made the plays that were absolutely necessary to give Tebow a chance. So far, the defense has stumbled in both opportunities to give Manning one last chance to win it.

    It’s that law of averages…its evening itself out. Nothing magical or divine about that…its just football. I actually like the hard hitting nature of this team…penalties or not, this team isn’t soft on the defensive side of the ball like it has been. Sometimes there is a fine line between hard nosed and dirty and so far I just think they’ve been unlucky. :)

  • Cory Richardson

    Is it me or does our offence still look the same…..just with a more expensive Qb? I’m really starting to think this is the coaching. We are not playing to our strength, let Peyton be Peyton and run the no huddle all game! When we did this in the last two games we started driving and scoring easy. Same thing last year we open our dusty shotgun playbook then boom plays start developing. Fox has to realize its a new era football, where defences can’t hold their own as they would back in the day. Now it’s throw a slant to the Wr he gets two hand touched and it’s on to the next play. I could completly understand back in the day you could punish a Wr on a slant and that was it people where shook for the whole game. Teams wouldn’t send their stars on middle routes really, now it’s all the time. What I’m getting at is Throw the freaking ball Fox and put up numbers the controlling the clock with the running game then getting a Fg is no longer applicable. YOU HAVE TO PUT UP NUMBERS FROM QTR 1-4!!!!! Not wait till we are down in the fourth and then bust open a no huddle bombs away assault!!!! Ok my B&C”

  • jake

    will you please STOP calling this defense Orange Crush! it is a slight insult to the real OC squad from this ’70s. it would be one thing if the unit were playing up to that moniker, but they aren’t right now. the D has some really good pieces and a lot of potential, and i really do think they will get better. but calling them orange crush right now is like calling the 1990 yankees “murderers row.” it’s just silly. PLEASE. EFFING. QUIT. IT.