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Published on 09/24/2012 at Mon Sep 24 10:29.
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Floyd Little and his presenter, son Marc Little, are introduced at the Pro Football Hall of Fame. (AP Photo/Scott Heckel)

In a series of tweets just before kickoff Sunday, Sports Illustrated’s most celebrated writer Peter King released a series of tweets in response to Floyd Little’s claim in his newly released book Promises to Keep, that King called Little to tell him that he did not vote for him to make the Hall of Fame in 2010. Little was voted into the Hall in February of 2010 and inducted in August of 2010.

King, when prompted by a Denver Broncos fan on Twitter as to whether he had a response to Little’s comments from him book responded,

It’s true that I told Floyd I didn’t vote for him, but I called him the night of the vote to say Jeff Legwold did the best job [that] I’d ever seen of presenting a candidate in the [Hall of Fame] room. I told him I thought he should know that. [I] told him congratulations, and said [that I wanted] to be fair, and I want[ed] to be honest, I didn’t vote for him. Under no [circumstances]  did I call him and do anything like taunt him or demean him for making the Hall. That’s what happened.

Okay, a couple of things… Peter King must have one heck of an editor and two, good job Legwold! Things are looking up for guys like Rod Smith, Randy Gradishar and a host of other former Broncos that fans have been begging to get recognition over the last thirty or so years.

When pressed by another Twitter user as to whether King was calling Floyd a liar, King responded, “I just told you what happened, I have not read his book.”

If you are not aware of the back story here, Little has published a book called Promises to Keep in which he writes almost verbatim what King has just tweeted. For placement purposes Little writes that he was out to dinner celebrating his Hall of Fame announcement when he received the call from King.


Legwold must have done an incredible job though, because Little received 42 of 44 votes (only 36 are required).

There are many, many other eye opening stories inside of Little’s book and we suggest that any Denver fan check it out. Especially anyone that witnessed Little play as a Bronco on somewhere other than ESPN Classic. New fans should as well, some may learn that Little himself is to thank for keeping the Broncos alive as an organization. One season going as far as to sell tickets door-to-door.

Oh and publishers, feel free to send us some copies to give away to our readers…

  • anthony33

    Hats off to Jeff Legwold!!

    I had the unbelieveable fortune to play a round of golf with Mr. Little a couple of years ago in Bronco alumni event. What tremendous, engaging, funny and sincere human being. One of the very best days of golf I have had. Just validated for me how great it is to be a Bronco fan.

    Not going to say a word about King, he said it all by not voting for him!

    #44 always!!!

  • Mike Tritz

    I was a kid when he played and believe me, he was the Broncos. Their quarterback was a man named Steve Tensi. He had a very good college career but,because of injuries, was not quite the same. Number 44 was amazing. Rushing for anywhere near 1,000 yards per season was quite a feat. We Bronco fans had to endure Hank Stramm and John Madden running up the score. Watching Floyd work his magic softened the blow I often wonder how many yards he would have amassed as a raider or chief? I’ll bet he would have made Canton a heck of a lot sooner. It’s way past time for some other Broncos to make the hall. It’s good to know Little is a good guy off the field as well. I’ve met Gradishar and he seemed to be decent as well. I was walking to the game with my retro # 53 Gradishar jersey on and heard a voice call out “Hey Gradishar”!
    I saw someone standing across the street and low and behold, it was the man himself. I had a very nice conversation with he and his wife and Randy asked if I would like him to sign my jersey. I had forgotten to even ask. I told him it was a travesty not being in the HOF. I noticed, he was not extremely huge, especially by NFL standards, which makes his accomplishments all the more amazing. Real nice, unassuming guy. I know I’d vote for him. The only problem was I never dared to wear the jersey outside again. Oh well, I still have my Steve Folley road jesey

  • Ed.D.

    Peter King is a tool and hates the Broncos’ organization – he’s the epitome of the very east coast bias he emphatically denies even exists.