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Published on 09/20/2012 at Thu Sep 20 14:00.
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Houston Texans

Record: 2-0
Streak: Won 2
Series vs. Denver: 1-2
Last time: Broncos, 24-23, Dec. 2010
The Line: Houston (-2)

The Denver Broncos return home to face one of the AFC’s best in Week Three, the undefeated Houston Texans. The Texans have started their season 2-0 for the second year in a row, but they’ve never started 3-0 in franchise history. They will look to change that in Denver on Sunday.

Who’s hot: Defensive end J.J. Watt. The second-year player is tied for second in the league with three sacks. Moreover, he’s leading a Texans defense that has been dominant. They’re the top-rated squad in points allowed (8.5), yards allowed (196.0), and passing yards allowed (124.0). Watt is a big reason why.

Who’s not: The Texans’ schedule so far. Houston beat up on Miami in Week One before trouncing Jacksonville in Week Two, winning by 20 points each game. They have yet to face any team with a quarterback near the caliber of Peyton Freaking Manning.

Matchup to Watch: Broncos run defense vs Texans rushers. Running backs Arian Foster and Ben Tate could have easily filled in the “Who’s hot” role (hell, any member of the team could have). But Foster and Tate could really prove to be the Achilles’ heel to the Broncos Sunday. The best defense against Peyton Manning is a long offensive drive, and the Texans would rather keep Manning sidelined than often face the quarterback with a career record of 16-2 against their old division rival.

  • Broncos Jon

    I miss Al Wilson. And Brian Dawkins.

    If run defenses were rated on a scale of 1-to-100, Denver’s score would increase by at least 10 points with those two defenders on the field.

  • AZDynamics

    J.J. Watt is going to run into Ryan Clady this weekend, and Clady seems to be playing back up to his erstwhile Pro Bowl level. So, indeed, a big factor will be whether the Broncos can maintain their excellence in rushing defense. If they can, then the Broncos have a far better QB than do the Texans . . .

  • Georgia Fatz

    Have you heard William Moores’ (#25 Safety Atlanta Falcons) new song W.A.R (WillyMo Always Ready)? It’s hott. Check it out at

  • Doom92

    Yeah it’s going to be a tough week once again. Although I lost $20 on this last game I’d bet on’em again this week at home against the Horns. I think we will play with a little more attitude after that near comeback loss and the Horns are going to well underestimate that IMO… Advantage Broncos.

  • Doom92

    Oh and yes, they made a huge mistake with Joe Mays, not the guy we need there in the middle, but I’ve said that a number of times before this..

  • Monty

    Watt plays LDE meaning he’ll face Franklin at RT mostly. Tough matchup for Orlando.

  • Big_Pete

    yeah, but we’re thinking “Rookie Orlando Franklin”, not this year’s Orlando Franklin. He’s been really really good in the passing game this year. It’ll still be a tough matchup, but I think Franklin can win that matchup.

  • AZDynamics

    Uh-oh. Thanks for that correction. Indeed, Franklin will be tested.

  • DougEngland

    What I’m hoping is that Champ can “contain” Andre Johnson. The rest of the Texans’ Wide Outs have not shown much. That would allow the rest of the D to focus on stoppping the run game and Tight End Daniels.

  • herc_rock

    Yeesh, that’s terrible.

  • Jim_Jebow

    that is the kind of jam I could totally listen to while I was taking a dump