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Published on 09/14/2012 at Fri Sep 14 17:26.
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ESPN’s Bill Williamson is reporting that the NFL has fined Rahim Moore $21,000.00 for his hit on Emmanuel Sanders during the 3rd quarter of Sunday Night’s game against the Steelers.  An odd and highly debatable decision after many football pundits (former players and analysts alike) said the play should have never been flagged.

It also led to extending a Steelers drive out of 3rd and 10 that helped dominate time of possession in the 3rd quarter.  One has to wonder if receiving this fine and his 20k fine last pre-season following the Bills matchup will lead to a reputation.  That Moore is going to be labelled “that guy” by other players and the league office leading to harsher penalties and scrutiny modifying his play on the field.

  • rcsodak

    2yrs, 2 fines. He already has a reputation. Not to mention, after his fine last yr, he went into a funk. Thanks, refs.

  • rcsodak

    Btw, bullshit call. He went low. Its not his fault the wr did as well. Idgits.

  • Tim Lynch


  • Tim Lynch

    I really thought Moore tried to let up and the WR lowered quicker than Moore anticipated. Big deal…surprising Palamalu wasn’t fined for his Kung Fu…I guess using martial arts IS legal in the NFL. What movie am I thinking of? Oh yeah, the Replacements right? :)

  • Jeffrey Koch

    jeez its football it wasnt even helmet to helmet

  • anthony33

    I was surprised he was fined. Even when looking at it at slow motion you could tell he was going low and the reciever ended up lowering his head at the same time. To me that was completely unintentional. NFL does have too much power when it comes to discipline. There needs to be a small panel consisting of a player or two and a GM or two to weigh in on these things.

  • areferee

    He should appeal and the organization should back him.