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Published on 09/14/2012 at Fri Sep 14 07:59.
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denver-broncos-blogsDenver Broncos News

  • The Denver Broncos are preparing for the Atlanta Falcons this week and communication within the crowd noise is their chief concern. []
  • Peyton Manning and Matt Ryan are two of the best at running the no-huddle offense, though I would argue Manning is the all-time best at it. [Denver Post]
  • With the big win over the Pittsburgh Steelers, some feel that Peyton Manning has raised the stakes for the Broncos this year. [ESPN]
  • Troy Polumalu used some Kung Fu moves on Demaryius Thomas‘ arm last week and now it appears Thomas was, in fact, injured on that play. Where’e the fine, Roger? Or is martial arts legal in bringing down the NFL’s most beastly players? [First & Orange Blog]
  • Peter King says the Broncos win big on Monday Night Football. For some reason, that bothers me… []
  • It looks like Tim Tebow might be asking for a trade in 2013 if he doesn’t get a legitimate shot at the starting quarterback job. Seriously, he didn’t actually think he was going to unseat Mark Sanchez after one season, did he? []

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  • TD30isMVP

    Cannot believe all the hoopla over the
    Troy Polumalu tackle on DT, it was a freaking ninja tackle after it looked like DT was gonna stiff arm the crap out of him.

  • Ben Houchen

    Anyone got a link to watch this Tackle? I saw the game but missed that tackle.

  • Tim Lynch

    Check the highlight videos on I saw it several times while watching highlight reels on that website.

  • Tim Lynch

    It didn’t bother me until DT was on the injury report from it.

  • TD30isMVP

    Honestly, DT on the injury report is barely news. You throw an arm out to push a player they will grab it. Plus, I have never seen that, it was freaking awesome.

  • Tim Lynch

    It was awesome. I am sure it had to do something with DT’s comments about being proud of his stiff arm abilities after the Wild Card game in January. ;) Troy said, “F**K your stiff arm”. lol