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Published on 09/13/2012 at Thu Sep 13 12:00.
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Atlanta Falcons

Record: 1-0
Streak: Won 1
Series vs. Denver: 4-8-0
Last time: Broncos, 24-20, Nov. 2008
The Line: Atlanta (-3)

The Denver Broncos head south to face the Atlanta Falcons in each team’s Monday Night Football debut this year. Kickoff on September 17th is set for 8:30 p.m. EDT. Here’s your first look at the Atlanta Falcons.

Who’s hot: WR Julio Jones. The second-year wideout torched the Chiefs secondary in Week One, catching six balls for 108 yards and two touchdowns in his breakout game. With WR Roddy White lining opposite him, the Broncos again have a big test for their top two corners Champ Bailey and Tracy Porter. This will be a matchup of strength vs. strength, which is always incredibly fun to watch.

Who’s not: Falcons defense. The Falcons allowed the Chiefs 393 yards last Sunday, giving them the 26th ranked defense in the league to go with 152 rushing yards allowed, 28th in the league. Football Outsiders’s advanced stats confirm these numbers: the Falcons are ranked as the 29th most efficient rush defense after Week One (we’ll have more from FO on the Falcons tomorrow).

Matchup to Watch: Falcons OL vs. Broncos pass rush. The Broncos had a hell of a time getting off the field on third downs against the Steelers, and the pocket that the Steelers OL was able to provide QB Ben Roethlisberger was a big reason why. Meanwhile, the Falcons’ passing attack is dangerous. Beyond the wide receiver combo already mentioned, they boast tight end Tony Gonzalez, who has always been a Bronco-killer, and of course, QB Matt Ryan, who executed the second most prolific passing performance of Week One according to Football Outsiders. To top it off, the Falcons were 5/10 in third down conversions against the Chiefs, only giving up one sack. Elvis Dumervil‘s and Von Miller‘s collective ability — along with the rest of the Broncos defenders — to get to Matt Ryan will be the absolute key to this game.

  • Jason Holm

    *On paper* this looks like a win for Denver to me. While not immobile Matt isn’t nearly as shifty or as difficult to bring down as Ben is and with Von-Doom-nWolfe there should be the occasional 3rd down stop.. sack.. fumble.. for 6.

    Add Champ and Tracy and (hopefully) Harris in coverage and we have a great chance to run away with this one.

    Offensively, Peyton Manning.

  • areferee

    The Broncos are poised on an opportunity to quiet the naysayers for the remainder of the season by dominating the scoreboard again this week and beating a slightly favored and highly ranked team.

    This can be the season, and next Monday can be the beginning of a year in which the Broncos are favored in every game. A dominant season with this tough schedule will prove to everyone that the Broncos are legitimate and that Peyton Manning is all the way back. Would that it be so.

    This is the next step toward an exceptional season. Are you ready for it?

  • AZDynamics

    Denver beat a better team last week, IMO. Offense just as good, defense better. Hard to know what will happen in the Dome, but if they lose, it won’t be because of talent, IMO . . .

  • Daniel Bogart

    When do we get to see Hillman? Moreno did do much and missed the block that caused Manning to get sacked. Is he at least active for the Atlanta game?

  • Tim Lynch

    What naysayers? lol

  • Tim Lynch

    Difference is, Atlanta actually has a stellar home record over the last few years. ;)

  • Michael Gibbons

    A lot of articles I read are saying broncos won’t make playoffs

  • Doom92

    Yes true but it could be Dome sweet Dome for PM…

  • Speer999

    I would rather Hillman rest his hamstring for another week than putting him at higher risk for injury. Good question though. I don’t know the status of Hillman either.

  • Speer999

    As long as we stay healthy the sky’s the limit for us. With Tracey and Champ on our side their passing game don’t stand a chance against us, and their certainly not running on us, I don’t care what the so-called genius expert analyst say. We have this game in the bag. No question.

  • anthony33

    This is going to be a difficult game, against a very good team, in their backyard. If Denver wins, I agree with Areferee, this is will be a landmark win to build the rest of the season on. Lose and play well, decent. Get blown out, naysayers will be out in droves.
    Defense is going to be the key. We have to put Ryan on the deck early and often.

  • Juri Lütje

    Hey guys – new to this board – (get on the Manning bandwagon!) and new to the Broncos. Would just like to say it looks like you have all the pieces in place for this team to be extremely hard to beat. Pass rush – check – two superstars in Dumer and Miller (Reminds me of very much of the Mathis/Freeney combo) Run defense – check. Coverage – check (I don’t blame them too much for the 3rd down defense against Roethlisberger – when plays break down around him he always come up with something). O-line – check (they did a great job – the sacks the came were adjustment failures, which is much better than surrendering sacks due to inferior atheletes. Receivers – check. Running backs- check. QB – G.O.A.T.
    Maybe I’m reading too much into one game – but I think Pittsburgh is a very good team.