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Published on 09/12/2012 at Wed Sep 12 11:30.
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(Original image courtesy of Deadspin)

On Sunday, replacement referee Kevin Akin was the head linesman for the BrownsEagles Week 1 match-up.  Philadelphia defeated Cleveland in the game by a score of 17-16 following a late game go-ahead-touchdown pass from quarter Michael Vick.

That same ref—Kevin Akin—will be working the BroncosFalcons game on Monday Night Football next week.  On Tuesday, Akin was in Bethany, Oklahoma, according to Deadspin, reffing a middle school game between Bethany Middle School and Casady.

Akin, a Division II college referee, became a replacement ref for NFL games temporarily while the NFL Referee Union and the league workout an ongoing labor dispute.  Despite the fact that he’s working the big games these days, Akin apparently still handles middle school games, if only on occasion.

It’s not comforting that a middle school referee will be responsible for calling a fair game on Sunday, but until the NFL and the real referees can come to a labor agreement, it’s something we may have to get used to.  Is it Monday yet?

  • Monty

    The f….?! Tuesday?!

  • herc_rock

    At least he’s not a middle-school back judge, I guess.

  • Monty

    Wonder if he has a game next Tuesday as well. “Uh, sorry, boss, I can’t make it. Reffing an NFL game.” “Yeah, suuuuuuure you are….”

  • Michael Gibbons

    Refs arent on one side shouldn’t have to beat the refs to win go broncos

  • DougEngland

    Call me a softie, but I think it is kinda of endearing. I’m sure he didn’t expect to still be doing NFL games at this point, and yet he still honored his commitments to other games.
    Plus, if the regular refs suddenly come back, he’ll be out of a job and need the work.