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Published on 09/08/2012 at Sat Sep 08 13:55.
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The Denver Broncos today released backup quarterback Caleb Hanie. The Broncos apparently feel confident in Peyton Manning‘s durability and rookie Brock Osweiler backing him up.  The move does free up some cap room and to replace Hanie, the Broncos signed Sealver Siligia to the active roster.

The good news is, for those of you who may not be happy about Hanie being cut, the Broncos defense now has solid depth all along the defensive line, which should keep their pass rushers fresh throughout the game.

  • Paul E. Smith

    We should have done this from the start and we could still have Adam Webber….

  • Big_Pete

    This move needed to be done. I just question the timing. I mean, why now? Didn’t we put Jeremy Beal on IR for an “injury” cause we knew he wouldn’t clear waivers, but we ran out of spots on the team?
    Wither way, our “plan B” suckes either way, so we might as well have someone on our team that can actually play (Siligia) than someone who can’t (Hanie).

  • Big_Pete

    No, Webber wouldn’t have backed up Manning either way. But we should have done this from the start so that we wouldn’t have had to put Beal on IR because we knew he wouldn’t clear waivers to be on practice squad, or cut someone who would have helped our team.

  • Paul E. Smith

    Great point, either way it will work out. I have faith in Manning, we won’t need Osweiler this year anyways.

  • anthony33

    Timing seems very odd to me. Why would you cut someone, especially a QB, the day before your opener? I’m glad he’s gone, but now Weber is as well. I guess in the end it really does not matter because if Peyton should go down (he won’t) we would be in the Barkley hunt with Hanie, Ossy or Weber anyway.

  • spaceman99

    I bet some team tried to claim Siligia off the practice squad and they activated him to avoid the loss. Hanie probably was the safest cut, being that no one will claim him and the Broncos will resign him next week. If that happens someone will have to be cut.

  • AZDynamics

    I thank the writers on this blog for sticking to football, with you in the lead, Tim. It’s refreshing after where I just came from.

    I was disappointed when they cut Siliga. I’m glad they added him back to the rotation. The DT position looks pretty stout now . . .

  • rcsodak

    oh good grief. it’s only so his salary this year isn’t guaranteed, and they add another body to the Dline. 2birds/1stone. he’ll be back next tuesday.

  • Toxik Zine

    Feels like this team is going into week one with no back up QB. Even if Hanie sucked.

  • areferee

    Just like with the NFLRA, the move was all about $$$. If Hanie had made the final roster, they would have to guarantee his $1M salary and pay him a roster bonus of 250K. They could re-sign him on Tuesday and owe none of the above.

    After this week, the NFL will fully realize what the lockout has truly cost. I hope the Broncos fare better in their dealings.

  • rcsodak

    Looks like its a good thing, since that waste of money warren is hurt again.

  • John Hastings

    Great move Elway