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Published on 09/06/2012 at Thu Sep 06 07:51.
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denver-broncos-blogsDenver Broncos News

  • Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos are just days away debuting the 2012 NFL Season.  As a fan, it feels like Christmas is just around the corner. []
  • Perusing for videos, brought me to this great breakdown of the Broncos offensive scheme with Manning at the helm.  I didn’t know actually had good analysts. []
  • Apparently, revenge will not play a role in the rematch with the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Everyone’s afraid of being accused of taking bounties, but if the Steelers are not out for revenge or redemption or whatever you want to call it, then I expect a huge win by the Broncos. [Denver Post]
  • It appears what secured Knowshon Moreno a spot on the roster was his ability to block on third down.  Though his recent ascension up to a backup role could mean other factors came into play as well. [CBS Sports]
  • Oh and don’t forget, sporting a Peyton Manning jersey to school is totally gangsta. [The Denver Channel]

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