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Published on 09/05/2012 at Wed Sep 05 07:32.
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denver-broncos-blogsDenver Broncos News

  • Another “best QB of all time” ranking, with Joe Montana beating John Elway.  If only we could have seen how either would have done with the other’s team… of course, my goggles are permanently orange and blue. [First & Orange Blog]
  • Pat Bowlen has no desire to sit around and wait for another Super Bowl championship for the Denver Broncos.  He wants to seize it! [Denver Post]
  • Meanwhile, everything else written by the Denver Post yesterday was Peyton Manning related – hey at least it ain’t Tim Tebow related!  Check it out here, here, here, here, and yes, here. [Denver Post]
  • Rod Smith is going to unveil this bitchin’ new fan flag tonight at the Rockefeller Center to celebrate the start of the 2012 NFL Season. []
  • The Pittsburgh Steelers are preparing for 2010 Peyton Manning, but they may not realize is they are getting the 2012 Peyton Manning.  Run Willis McGahee, run! []
  • Peter King offers his view on each NFL team in his one-minute drills, with Don Banks offer his opinion on each NFL Division. The both expect the Broncos to go deep into the playoffs. []

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  • broncosmontana

    Hola, ‘migo! How you doin? Happy 2012! Just picked up tix for Broncos-Raiders at the end of the month! Can’t freakin wait for this season to get underway!