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Published on 09/04/2012 at Tue Sep 04 14:00.
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Champ Bailey

Denver Broncos cornerback Champ Bailey participated in practice during the team's training camp on Sunday, July 29, 2012. ( photo)

The Denver Broncos were solid at corner last season, that is until teams spread them out and bombarded them with pass after pass. It was disgusting at times to watch and the 40+ point nightmares happened more than a few times. John Elway and John Fox set out to do everything they could to make sure that doesn’t happen again in 2012. So far, it looks like they might have succeeded.

Champ Bailey

There has been a lot of talk about Champ Bailey having lost a step, but does that really matter? It matters when the guy is Drayton Florence and has lost a step, but Champ Bailey is still a top 10 corner even if he has lost a step. I’ll take it. The guy will get beat just like any corner, but Bailey has tremendous anticipation and instincts, so I’m not worried at all. The “move to safety” talk can be ignored at least for another year or two. (Profile) 

Tracy Porter

Tracy Porter is definitely an upgrade over Andre Goodman and will compliment Champ Bailey nicely. Experience in the NFL pays great dividends at the cornerback position, so the problem will really come when teams try to spread the Broncos out again. Last year, teams that did that averaged about 40 points a game. Jack Del Rio and the Broncos think they have answered that problem with Tracy Porter and a great pass rush.

The biggest problem with the two projected starters is the lack of interceptions in recent history.  Champ Bailey has just 11 interceptions over the last 5 NFL seasons, and Porter has just 7 picks in his four year career. (Profile)

Chris Harris

Chris Harris was an excellent college free agent pick up last year and he made the departure of accused rapist of passed out and drugged women, Perrish Cox, completely unnoticeable. Look for him to continue to grow in his role and make solid contributions to the defensive backfield. (Profile)

Omar Bolden

Based on his play at cornerback, I don’t think Omar Bolden did enough to make the roster, except that he was just drafted and would likely get a full season to make it happen. His play on special teams though has instantly given him a spot on the roster to shine. (Profile)

Tony Carter

No one on the roster did himself more favors during the preseason than Tony Carter. I did not expect him to make the roster, until he played the way he played. I look forward to seeing how he contributes. He will likely get more playing time than Omar Bolden for now, so the Broncos will be counting on him to keep the spread offenses from shredding the defense again in 2012. (Profile)

BT Projected Starters: Champ Bailey, Tracy Porter

What do you think of the Broncos cornerback situation? Let Broncos Country know in the comments section below. Go Broncos!

  • 350legend

    Im happy with the Cbs we have.. A upgrade from last year, thats for sure!!