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Published on 09/02/2012 at Sun Sep 02 14:00.
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Eric Decker

Wide receiver Eric Decker #87 of the Denver Broncos makes a catch for a touchdown as cornerback Tramaine Brock #26 of the San Francisco 49ers looks on during the first quarter of a pre-season game at Sports Authority Field Field at Mile High on August 26, 2012 in Denver, Colorado. (Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)

I was surprised the Denver Broncos only kept five wide receivers on the active roster, but they kept four tight ends, so they must feel really good about the guys they kept or they plan to use a lot of two tight end sets. Either way, I found none of the five wide receivers a surprise to make the roster.

Eric Decker

Eric Decker didn’t mess around this offseason. The second Peyton Manning was signed; he attached himself to Manning’s hip. It should turn out to be the best move of his young career and the chemistry they have already developed will pay dividends – especially in the red zone.

As Broncos fans, we should be excited to watch this combo develop in to one of the deadliest hookups in the AFC. (Profile)

Demaryius Thomas

The trouble Demaryius Thomas might have this season is solidifying his route running. He did have a breakout year last season, but much of those yards came on busted plays as Tim Tebow tried to “make something happen” when he couldn’t make a decision with the ball within 5-7 seconds after the snap.

With Manning, it’s an entirely different mindset. If Thomas isn’t where he needs to be when Manning thinks he should be there – the ball ain’t coming. Ever. I have a feeling Thomas might regress a bit early in the season, but he is talented enough to get it worked out before the end of the year. (Profile)

Andre “Bubba” Caldwell

Over the past few years, the Broncos have not had a solid third wide receiver. They may have found that guy with Andre Caldwell and his threat on special teams adds another bonus to having him on the roster. If the Broncos spread teams out, it could create some good mismatches. I liked this signing the minute it happened as Caldwell has had three solid seasons with the Cincinnati Bengals as a third receiver. (Profile)

Matthew Willis

This guy just always seems to get open at critical moments in the game. You don’t see Matthew Willis for weeks, then BAM, he makes a huge catch that puts the Broncos in excellent position to win the game. I expect that to happen a few more times this year, as he is certainly solid depth on the roster to give the starters some time to breathe throughout a game. (Profile)

Brandon Stokley

You kind of knew this would happen, with Brandon Stokley and Peyton Manning already having that chemistry from years ago – not that I would have replaced him with any of the wide receivers that were cut. I expect Stokley’s biggest impact to come from third down as one of the many check down options for Peyton. (Profile)

BT Projected Starters: Eric Decker, Demaryius Thomas

What do you think of the Broncos wide receiver situation?  Let Broncos Country know in the comments section. Go Broncos!

  • d_burgen

    Random thoughts. From outside the orange haze that most of us live in, many don’t think the receivers are a strength. All five are solid but none amazing. Manning makes receivers look better then most any Quarterbacks in the league, but I can see the ball getting spread around between TE’s, RB’s and WR’s. If Thomas get those perfect in stride passes he could become a superstar. Decker more passes but less big plays. Stokley will keep the chains moving on third down.

  • Tim Lynch

    I agree too…Decker last year had stone hands and everyone blamed Tebow’s throwing – but I saw a couple of drops this preseason too. If Decker can get his hands back, dude is going to be good with Manning.

  • dogheadbrew

    A solid group of receivers (including TEs and RBs) is the best thing this team could have (in my opinion). If we have a superstar, and some passable to dud guys, the D gets to focus on them, and the others won’t give Manning an option. As is, we have some guys that need to tighten up routes, and not get the dropsies, but any given game or even play, any one of them could get the ball. Manning gets the leather to the guy who is performing, and that is a great set up for us.

    I realize that I’m part of the haze, but I really believe that our team is no more fragile and untested than several of the “upper echelon” teams like the Saints, Eagles, ‘boys (that one made me throw up a little) and so on. Sure the Packers and Giants of the world are the cream of the crop until proven otherwise, but nearly 30 other teams have to face that reality too.

    Is this week over yet?

  • juice21

    Thomas has the capacity to run routes great… It just never paid off last year so he would give up and get open… Reports are that his wonderlic was higher than Decker’s.

  • areferee

    Manning will have to raise the playing level with this workman-like group. They remind me of a cloudy night on top of Pike’s Peak. It was a long climb to get here and there are no stars to be seen.

  • Tim Lynch

    Is this week over yet? No kidding…that’s why I sat down and wrote all these posts. 3 a day until Wednesday. lol Get us through.

  • AZDynamics

    There just seemed a pretty big dropoff behind these five, at least for immediate purposes, and that may be the reason the others didn’t remain. At least, that seems one of the possibilities.

    Another possibility seems to exist, Tim. As you implied in your TE blog, Julius Thomas might be there because Green isn’t. When Green returns, the Broncos might figure they have pretty decent receivers at TE. In addition, McGahee, Ball, Moreno, and Hillman are all good receivers at their RB positions. That just may be too much firepower to waste a roster position on a WR who may not be as good as these players . . .

  • Thomas Bell

    this article would have been a lot better if it included some facts and statistics. As is, it’s a lot of generalizations and opinions with nothing to back it up. I feel like this is the strongest unit, potential wise on the entire roster — most of the national media thinks its the weakest. PFW didn’t include Decker or Thomas in their list of top 25 WRs in the league.

    For some reason i am really excited to see what Caldwell can do. Also, most of the fantasy experts are pointing to Thomas – for those in the know it’s obvious Decker will be the favorite.

  • TonyY

    Eric Decker was one of the most NFL ready receivers in the 2010 draft class. I think he leads the Broncos in receptions and TD’s this year. He is an absolute steal in fantasy drafts with his average draft position around 60 overall. I expect to see Decker’s cleats running over defenders starting in week 1.

  • Tim Lynch

    Seriously? I got a dislike? hahah

  • Tim Lynch

    Less than week to go!

  • Tim Lynch

    It’s all opinion baby. The point was to get some conversation going down here…if I went all journalistic on your arse I would have only gotten through 2-3 posts. This way, we get a place to talk about all of the positions. It is a fan blog after all. :)

  • AZDynamics

    There, buddy. My like cancels that dislike out . . . even though I disagree with you somewhat. Tebow did not throw a particularly catchable ball. :)

  • Tim Lynch

    True, but my sister throws retarded(in a sense that doesn’t offend people) as well and I still catch the ball. Eric Decker is an NFL WR, so I would expect him to get er done. lol

  • Planojoe

    I’m not nearly as sold on Caldwell as you are. This is an area of concern for me after Decker and Thomas. Stokley is old, Caldwell drops too many passes and Willis disappears for long stretches. We used to have some decent depth at this position, what happened to it?