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Published on 08/31/2012 at Fri Aug 31 19:22.
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The Denver Broncos release/waived 19 players today as the team moved to cut the roster down to the mandated 53-man level.

Most of the cuts made sense for those of us who watched the preseason and even though I knew it was likely coming, I am sad to see Syd’Quan Thompson go and since he is not Practice Squad eligible, he’ll need to catch on with another team.

Here is a full list of roster moves the Broncos made today:

Denver Broncos Roster Moves 8/31/12
Player Pos. Exp. Transaction PS
Jamie Blatnick DE R Waived YES
Rafael Bush FS 3 Waived YES
Drayton Florence CB 10 Released NO
Jerry Franklin  SLB R Waived YES
 Ben Garland DT 1 Waived YES
 Adam Grant G 1 Waived YES
Ryan Harris  T 5 Released NO
 Jason Hill WR 6 Released NO
 Tony Hills G 5 Released NO
 Duke Ihenacho SS R Waived YES
Cornelius Ingram TE 2 Waived YES
Jeremiah Johnson RB 3 Waived YES
Mike Mohamed  MLB 2 Waived YES
Greg Orton  WR 1 Waived YES
Gerell Robinson  WR R Waived YES
Sealver Siliga  NT 1 Waived YES
Syd’Quan Thompson CB 3 Waived NO
Wayne Tribue  G R Waived YES
Adam Weber  QB 1 Waived YES

My personal favorites to make the Practice Squad are, in this order:

  1. Adam Weber – He knows the system and is still eligible.  There is no reason for him not to remain with the Broncos for another season.
  2. Gerell Robinson – This kid has tons of upside, but needs a lot more work before he is ready to compete for a real roster spot.  My guess the plan, hopefully, is to groom him to start playing when Brock Osweiler is ready to start.
  3. Jeremiah Johnson – There was just too much depth on the roster for Johnson to have any chance of making the final cut, but he has eligibility and with how much of beating running backs can take during the regular season, it makes sense to have some additional depth at that position from the practice squad.
  4. Sealver Siliga – So much for him working with the first teamers. Tackles tend to develop slowly, and I’d love to see him get another year of training under his belt, but it’s usually hit or miss with this position.

I am not arrogant enough to try and call all eight spots, but I’d like to see Jamie Blatnick, Adam Grant, Mike Muhamed, and Greg Orton make their way onto the practice squad as well.

It’s always a tough day to get the roster down to the final 53 spots and I wish all of these guys the best in continuing to pursue their dream of playing in the National Football League.

Go Broncos!

  • Jon

    Hoping Weber, Robinson and Garland make the practice squad. Really like all three of those guys.

    I was surprised to see Sealver Siliga and Syd’Quan Thompson go, was not expecting them to be on the bubble (at least not Squid). I’m a little surprised about Ryan Harris and Drayton Florance, too.

    We’ll see what happens. Thompson is not PS eligible so I bet he’ll be picked up pretty quick. He’s a decent returner.

  • Tim Lynch

    I agree on all points, except for Garland. He appeared to be way down on the depth chart and when he played, was barely noticeable. He was the feel good story for sure, but it doesn’t always work out – hope he catches on somewhere though!

  • Shad Schoenemann

    Peyton is obviously the man. Oz was the 2nd round pick. Caleb has been terrible except the 49er game. Just too bad Adam didn’t get more of an opportunity.

  • Doom92

    Damn it… NoShow is still there. I was glad to see that they pretty much saw the same thing with Drayton Florence as I did. I thought that was going to be a waste of a spot, glad Jim Leonard stayed.

    I as well was surprised by Ryan Harris Jon. And I really hope that Weber hangs on also. I like that kid and right now I think he is better than Brock. But he wasn’t this years 2nd pick!!!

  • E. Halsey Miles

    The 53 man roster is only 2 off from what I had picked, which is funny since I haven’t been able to follow as close as usual. I had picked Florence to get cut and Syd’Quan (he really got beat a LOT in the Arizona game and I figured he played himself out of a spot) and Siliga wasn’t nearly as impressive as Malik Johnson.

    The big surprise for me was Ryan Harris, but I feel like I shouldn’t be surprised. I read repeatedly that he wasn’t impressing, but I had felt like he’d serve as a backup in the hopes that he’d be able to return to form. I guess the Broncos didn’t see that happening, at least not in a timeframe they wanted.

    The other one I called wrong is Mike Mohamed, but hopefully he’ll wind up on the practice squad. I’m hoping, as he has the potential to grow into being a good player.

  • Tim Lynch

    I’ve never been all that impressed by Mohamed. Seemed slow…

  • Mike Birtwistle

    Finally someone who can format the cuts into a nice html table ;) Makes for much easier reading.

  • anthony33

    No real surprises here for me. I was rooting for Garland and Weber to make it, but again, not surprised.
    I am sure more changes coming today as 500 some odd players hit the waiver wire.
    We still need dpeth at the LB OL and S positions in my opinion.

  • Jon

    I like feel good!

  • Jon

    Agreed. Glad to see Leonard stick, surprised by Harris and wasn’t really impressed by Florence. I hope Weber goes to the practice squad, I don’t want him going elsewhere.

  • Jon

    Hooray for @tim_lynch:disqus, the HTML Master!

  • Jon

    Also forgot to mention, Stokley made the team! Love that boy! (Rather, that old man.)

  • Tim Lynch

    Only when I’m not feeling completely lazy. haha

  • areferee

    As you know, making the PS doesn’t protect you from going elsewhere, so I would have preferred Weber making the 53. Never been much of a Hanie fan, even at CSU, but keeping a veteran backup to Manning makes sense when age and future health of your starter is a question.

    Would have kept Syd’Quan as a return man rather than Decker, but there is always the question of “who goes in his place”. Always a tough decision. Watching the waiver wire is always fun. Looking for a diamond in the rough always is.