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Published on 08/31/2012 at Fri Aug 31 07:59.
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  • Adam Weber has been impressive playing for the Denver Broncos in each of the last two preseasons, but he just doesn’t seem to get any consideration upwards on the depth chart.  Meanwhile, Brock Osweiler is continuing to be unimpressive against a bunch of defensive players who will soon be cut from the Arizona Cardinals roster, but he did have that one great drive, so I’ll judge more harshly next year. [BroncoTalk]
  • Highlight reels are always more fun to watch when the Broncos come out with the win.  Just over a week until its for all the bacon. []
  • There are a wave of cuts coming today, but I do think a bunch of the rookies from the back end of this years draft will likely make the final cut. That means you Danny Trevathan, Malik Jackson and Omar Bolden. [Denver Post]
  • Andrew Mason say’s Plan B isn’t exactly Grade A, but I think Caleb Hanie has already started the long process of recovering from being ruined in Chicago. I do not see any way Brock Osweiler over takes him on the depth chart this year, barring an injury. []

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  • TheTroglodyte

    Hanie isn’t Grade A, B, C or D. Fox is just a stubborn old man who has a very difficult time letting go of the mold he preemptively puts players into.

    One of these days I’m going to tell you how I really feel! :p

  • TheTroglodyte

    Interesting a lot of the staff at ESPN don’t even think we are going to win the division.

    Ima have to disagree!