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Published on 08/22/2012 at Wed Aug 22 13:05.
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Let’s review D.J. Williams‘ life since early March:

March 9: D.J. is suspended for six games after violating the league’s Substance Abuse Policy.

June 8: D.J. tweeted an image of a play from Denver’s playbook, causing a stir among fans and the media.

June 21: D.J.’s lawsuit against the league was dismissed.

July 12: Reports emerge that D.J. tried to cheat NFL urine tests three times.

August 6: D.J. is listed as a starter on the team’s first depth chart, but hasn’t participated in any team drills at training camp.

August 15: D.J. was found guilty of driving while ability impaired, which could result in additional discipline from the league.

That’s quite the summer of incidents for D.J., who has nobody but himself to blame for his troubles.  But D.J. is somewhat understandably frustrated with the man disciplining him—NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

So how does D.J. take out his frustration with the Commissioner?  By refusing to serve him at his Miami-based restaurant (it seems nothing good happens in Miami involving Broncos players). 

(Image courtesy of @JeremyIvans13 and USA Today)

University of Miami alums Jonathan Vilma, D.J. Williams and Jon Beason put their wallets together and opened Brother Jimmy’s BBQ on August 8th (and it’s a pretty nice place).  Vilma and D.J. have been smacked hard by Goodell this summer, so it was no surprise to see an image of Roger’s face taped to the restaurant’s front windows that reads, “Do not serve this man,” in all caps.

It is unclear if Vilma, D.J., Beason or all three players suggested the poster forbidding serving Goodell.  Vilma seems the most likely to have come up with the idea, as he is battling a season-long suspension with the NFL.

Williams already wasn’t on Goodell’s good side, this won’t make matters any better.  It’s doesn’t come as a surprise though, as we already knew D.J.’s not the brightest of fellas.

Update:  8/22/12, 4:48 p.m. (MT):  The manager of the establishment said the photo posted “was just a joke,” and it has been taken down.  Furthermore, Williams had nothing to do with it and did not even know of its existence.

  • Paradisimo

    Man DJ is such a jackoff. I’m sure it’s all Goodell’s fault that he used synthetic pee for his drug test and that he got a DUI. The nerve of Goodell to punish him for that .

  • Thomas Bell

    Let’s see what Travetheon, Irving and Brookings can do. What we lose as potential drop off in talent we will more than make up for in chemistry, teamwork, integrity, and leadership.

  • TheTroglodyte


  • anthony33

    Felt kind of bad for the guy for a while because it’s such a waste of talent. Now I am thinking he is just an idiot. He could write a book on how to piss (literally) away a promising great career.

  • Tim Lynch

    You can’t fix stupid. But you can report it!


    This is just not very bright! It is the kind of thing that MIGHT be funny in some situations, but this is not one of them! After a single questionable incident, maybe, but after 3 or 4 straight losses, you ought to just shut up, it ain’t funny and it surely ain’t helpful.

  • TheTroglodyte


  • Doom92

    Well, well, well the ‘ole idiot light is flashing again. Can you say looser? What I really don’t get is that not many years ago the Broncos that I love so much would not put up with this for a second. Why are they now? I have seen, as you all have too, a number of franchises loose a good rep or develop a worse one for less than this dude is putting on the Broncos.

    Ditch his sorry ass before its to late. Make a statement about where this organization stands with kind of crap. Some times even the best (which he isn’t) isn’t worth the problems.

  • Jim_Jebow

    I’m not thinking DJ had anything to do with this. This seems like something Vilma would do.


    Well said Tim!, wish I had said that! I am now on Trog’s side on this one get rid of him as soon as you can, he will pull some dumb crap again sure as heck.