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Published on 08/22/2012 at Wed Aug 22 02:17.
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If quarterbacks were judged by MVP awards and commercial appearances, Denver’s Peyton Manning would undisputedly be the greatest of all time.

From wiping the windshield, to giving wet willies, to getting a massage, to ‘cut that meat‘, to ‘orange barrel, reroute!’, to telling on Eli for locking him in a closet, Peyton has pretty much done it all.

Below are outtakes from Peyton, Eli and Deion’s latest DIRECTV ad, which has seemingly aired during every preseason game this August.

When it’s all said and done and Peyton hangs up his cleats—if he doesn’t go into acting—he would make a great cop.  On a different note, the thought of Eli getting a bikini wax is humorous, in part because of his stunning physique.

What’s your favorite Manning commercial, statement or quote?  This counts.

  • Big_Pete

    The end of the commercial when Peyton was rattling off things that Eli was doing instead of being there was the funniest part! haha. I don’t know how Deion kept it together for as long as he did. lol

  • Jon

    When he was critiquing Deion’s attire on the CD cover he looked like a skinny minny in those white pants!