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Published on 08/20/2012 at Mon Aug 20 10:00.
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Blatnick tackles Wilson

Denver Broncos' Jamie Blatnick (77) tackles Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson (3) as Broncos' Nate Irving (56) looks on, in the second half of an NFL football preseason game, Saturday, Aug. 18, 2012, in Denver. (AP Photo/Joe Mahoney)

When the Broncos win, we give out Game Balls… when they lose, we highlight the best and discuss the worst in Studs and Duds. Calling a player a “dud” isn’t meant as an insult… it just “is what it is.” A word that rhymes with stud…. Broncos 10, Seahawks 30 BT Staffers — who ya got?

Stud: First Team Defensive Line Seahawks QB Matt Flynn was pressured a lot and the tackles resorted to a lot of holds to prevent sacks. Some of them even got called. Dumervil, Miller and Wolfe are looking to be a great combination. I can’t remember ever seeing a Broncos D-Line that good. — E. Halsey Miles

Dud: The second team defensive line. As much as the first team d-line was good, the only good thing on the second team d-line was Ayers. We have a ways to go to get quality depth, there. — E. Halsey Miles

Stud: Brandon Stokley. He didn’t have an outlandish statistical evening (three catches for 41 yards) but he remains a clutch slot option and Peyton is obviously comfortable throwing his way. Some consider him to be on the roster bubble, but Denver’s coaching staff has thought highly enough of him to start him with the first team offense and he’s one of Manning’s favorite targets in the Two Minute Drill. For those reasons I can see him making the roster and having a solid season. — Jon Heath

Brock Osweiler

Denver Broncos quarterback Brock Osweiler drops back to pass against the Seattle Seahawks, in the second half of an NFL football preseason game, Saturday, Aug. 18, 2012, in Denver. (AP Photo/Joe Mahoney)

Stud: Chris Harris. Harris stepped up very well and could only have looked better if he would have somehow gotten a better punch on that Terrell Owens near touchdown. Nate Irving again looked stellar, although that leg whip that he caught from rookie Jamie Blatnick had me holding my breath, but Irving walked off the field smiling. I also thought that Tony Carter looked great on several plays, even that pass interference could have gone either way. However that punt return made me suck my teeth. If I must nominate an offensive player, it would have to be Brandon Stokley sans concussion he is just Peyton Manning’s favorite target. Joel Dreessen also deserves a mention somewhere in here as does Jeremiah Johnson. — Ian Henson

Dud: Brock Osweiler. I’ve been calling for Adam Weber to replace him since I first caught the two in training camp. He could not have been much worse, unless he had thrown two interceptions in the red zone over the last two weeks (just kidding guys). I don’t know whom to call out on the defense, there are a lot of people to call out– possibly too many. I’ll throw an honorable mention to the second team defense as John Fox referred to them as, though they were more like the third team defense. — Ian Henson

Stud: Cyril Obiozor. This guy became one of “my guys” at camp, and among second team defenders, he may have had the best night. I didn’t ever see him get burned or significantly out of place (something I sadly can’t say for anyone else on the second team D), and he tied for third in the team with three solo tackles. On top of that, he was near and around several other tackles throughout the night. — Monty

Dud: Jacob Tamme Tamme emerged as one of Peyton Manning‘s favorite targets during training camp, and that will continue to be the case, but something in the back of Manning’s mind has to wonder if Saturday could happen again. Manning came in after a rough night (two interceptions) and executed a two-minute drill to perfection, but Tamme dropped two passes — one for a touchdwon — that ultimately served as a serious setback to the offense. — Monty

Dud: Terrell Owens. Not a Bronco, but T.O.’s Seahawks performance was so dud-worthy it couldn’t be ignored. Five pass targets, at least three drops, including a 46-yard would-be touchdown through his hands. My popcorn was ready, T.O. I’m still hungry. — Monty

  • Paradisimo

    I think Obiozer needs to get knocked off the studs list after jumping offsides on 3rd and 2.

  • Max Green

    These are some great observations from the game, and I agree
    with everything you said. For me the
    most disappointing thing about the game was how the second team defense played. I was working at Dish during the game, but
    was able to watch most of the first half during my break. I wanted to see how the backup players did so
    I set up my DVR to record at home using my account. I was very surprised that the second team
    struggled so much. I am now concerned
    about the Broncos defense if they have injury problems. Hopefully the first team stays healthy!

  • Monty

    Don’t remember him doing that, but if he did, good call.

  • Monty

    The staff email mentioned Bruton, but somehow he never made it. For what it’s worth, he was the biggest stud of the game.

  • TheTroglodyte

    I was NOT a fan of drafting Brock where we did and I have NOT been a fan at putting him over Weber as our #2 QB from the get go. That being said I think he needs to be cut some slack. He didn’t play like a dud, he played like a 21 year old kid with practically no college experience should play.

    John Elway is more of the dud for making his son’s best friend the #2 QB before he is ready to be. It’s going to take 2 – 3 years for Brock to mature to the point where he is even being debated on as potential QB of the future and even that is a long shot. The bottom line is, he was drafted way too early. You don’t spend a 2nd round on a potential future player. But that is not Brock’s fault he is being put in that situation.

  • Paradisimo

    I could be wrong but I’m almost positive he jumped offsides near the middle of the 3rd to extend a drive.

  • TD30isMVP

    I am wondering how the hell you DVR’d it during the game Max since it was shown on Dish Sunday night not on Saturday…you are a filthy dirty scumbag liar and I now refuse to read your spam anymore…good day.

  • Paradisimo

    I’d like to add one more Dud to the list, the replacement refs. Man these guys are clueless. Okung held Dumervil nearly every single play but only got called once or twice.

  • 350legend

    Calling Brock a Dud in only 2 games as a pro (Pre Season at that) is pre mature if u ask me…

  • Jon

    His performance in that game was a dud-performance. We haven’t declared Brock himself a dud-QB.

  • Doom92

    “My popcorn was ready, T.O. I’m still hungry. – Monty”
    Thats awesomely funny…LMAO!

  • Jim_Jebow

    that was awesome! give the dirty spammer hell td

  • Cristina Cervantes

    i don’t know i wasnt crazy bout the osweiler pick but unlike most i didn’t hate it I liked how we picked a kid with great upside who i was hoping we could grab later in the draft but with his good pro day showing shot up draft boards i saw some mocks even saying first which i didn’t beleive! He seems very into the whole learning behind manning thing which some rookie qbs might object to with wanting to play right away. I don’t see any reason in his game to think he couldn’t become our starter in a few years. sneaky athlete for his size,huge arm, seems to have a decent knowledge of the game in interviews with coachs i’ve scene, footworks a little speratic, releases a lil side ways but hey some does (yes i know) phillip rivers but he has a huge advantage with time being on his side to learn. One last thing on the weber topic. He played OKAY last preseason against most teams lasssst string defenses he didn’t get to play before orton,tebow, and quinn did. You guys have all scene what our last string D looks like don’t fool yourselfs thinking any other teams is better. The coaches though he was worse then brady quinn who they made no serious pitch to keep. No teams that i heard flirted with bringing him up when injuries starting mounting. Plus I have faith that the teams management knows a whole lot more then us fans who watch them play on sundays and read articles rather then watch them practise everyday know just a littttle bit more then us when it comes to making the QB depth chart. Brocks had a good camp and has seemed to have earned that playing time he got.

  • areferee

    Jon… your contribution declared NO ONE a dud. Was this an oversight, or do you truly believe there was no performance worthy of “duddliness”?

  • Jon

    I prefer, especially after re-reading a Few Seconds of Panic this summer, not to refer to players as “duds.” NFL players are humans too.

    Everybody makes mistakes and has bad days. A player may not be as good as every other player (or perhaps ANY other player) at his position in the NFL, but that does not make him a “dud”, nor does it mean he “sucks”.

    Anybody who makes it to the NFL is obviously an extremely athletically gifted person and was likely a star during his high school and collegiate careers–many undrafted players hold high school and college records. A player that “sucks” or is a “dud” at football certainly wouldn’t break any records, at any level.

    Anyway, I just vented. But yeah, I don’t think I’m going to declare “duds” down the road.