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Published on 08/16/2012 at Thu Aug 16 16:30.
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(AP Photo/Michael Conroy)

We got our first look—albeit brief—at Peyton Manning in orange (white) and blue last week when the veteran quarterback played one series in Denver’s preseason opener against Chicago.  On Saturday, we’ll get a larger sampling size to dissect.

Coach John Fox noted earlier in the week that the starters will play into the second quarter against the Seahawks, with the second-team playing most of the second half.

“Our starters will play into the second quarter,” Fox said on Wednesday.  “The seconds will take most of the second half with the thirds getting in late in the fourth quarter.”

Fox also confirmed that Manning will be starting (yes, somebody really asked him if Peyton was going to start).

In his preseason debut, Manning showed both promise and signs of rustiness going 4-of-7 for 44 yards through the air.  Manning’s single drive was highlighted by a seventeen-yard completion to receiver Eric Decker on third-and-long and low-lighted by several tipped passes, one of which was intercepted by defensive back Major Wright on the two-yard line.

“Considering where I was a year ago, the fact that I was out there and took a snap and completed some passes today, it has been a long haul for me,”  Manning remarked after the game last week.

“(The game) was rewarding, even that first snap, the very first play—that was a big step for me, maybe in some ways I’ve even gotten better—now I have the ability to throw the ball into the linebacker’s hands and tip it to my own player,” joked Manning, who was referring to his first completion as a Bronco, a short pass to tight end Jacob Tamme which was nearly intercepted.

Saturday will mark Peyton’s first orange performance, which is exciting for fans. Even though we already have an idea of what he’ll look like (thanks to DirecTV and NBC), watching Manning run out onto the field for the first time in his new stadium will be exhilarating to watch.  Kickoff is scheduled for 7 p.m. and the game will be broadcast on KUSA-TV.

There’s nothing quite like getting excited about a preseason football game. That’s what the arrival of a legend can do to a fan base.  Don’t disappoint us, Pey Pey.

  • Jim_Jebow

    bay bay and pey pey

  • Tim Lynch

    It’s a strange feeling to go from a Tebowmaniac to a Manning-maniac. Perhaps, I’m just a Broncomaniac. :D Can’t wait for September to get here!!!!!!

  • Rusty McNitt

    Peyton has been through a lot and yes he may need some work but at least he is put there and trying. I wish him the best home he has a good year. He. Is the main reason I started and got interested in football. Really ready for Sept. GO Broncos

  • BigCorn824

    Peyton Manning will be awesome plus for people who is making a big deal out of his preseason stats not the regular season, preseason you know where NFL teams work out the kinks and get everything str8 before things get serious around Oct,Nov,Dec,Jan yeah he’s going to be just fine with my Broncos

  • 350legend

    Peyton will make them pay for that little pic (which wasnt really his fault) he threw last week….

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