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Published on 08/05/2012 at Sun Aug 05 12:30.
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Click on image to enlarge. (DirecTV/AP)

If you’ve visited in recent days, you may have noticed a DirecTV ad on the site’s sidebar which features Broncos QB Peyton Manning.  When did Manning have plastic surgery?

He didn’t, but his neck scar does not appear in the ad.  DirecTV, advertising their NFL Sunday Ticket package, either snapped a shot of a model resembling Manning or Photoshopped out his scar for a cleaner look.

The un-cropped ad features ten different NFL stars all preparing to walk out of a tunnel.  Manning is one of six quarterbacks in the image and is sporting a spray-tanned neck.

Manning received the scar(s) on his neck when he underwent multiple neck surgeries last season to remove a disc which had pinched a nerve.

“His neck will snap the first time (Pittsburgh linebacker James) Harrison hits him,” quipped one cold-hearted fan on BroncoTalk’s Facebook page.  While every player has the possibility of being injured on any given play, reports indicate that Manning’s neck is fully recovered and actually stronger than before he had surgery.  

(Incidentally, Harrison has been ailing from knee and wrist injuries this offseason and is currently on the Steelers‘ physically unable to perform list.  The team does expect him back in time for their season opener in Denver, but he may not be playing at 100%.)

The Broncos’ main health concerns for Manning involve the strength and muscle memory in his right throwing arm.  After not throwing for an entire season, will he be able return to form and sling balls around with the same velocity he displayed before his neck operations?

Whether his arm strength has diminished or not, Manning’s accuracy clearly remains in-tact, as the veteran QB went 15-for-16 in team drills during practice on Thursday afternoon.

“Peyton Manning’s arm strength looks just fine,” an Associated Press report said in late July.  With preseason less than a week away, Manning’s neck and overall health do not seem to be a concern to Peyton or the Broncos.

“I’m not going to get into these weekly reports.  I’ve kind of been there and done that all fall of last year.  I’m continuing to work hard on my rehab,” an almost irritated Manning told reporters in April.  Two months later, Manning went on to say, “It’s an ongoing process for me, it’s something we continue to work on.”

So, Manning’s neck/arm strength seems to be a non-issue.  DircTV just gave us an excuse to talk about it again.

Update:  8/5/12, 9:06 p.m. (MT):  DirecTV contacted BT and informed us that “everything” in the image was “touched up,” and added, “Peyton doesn’t need our help to look pretty, he’s ready to play.”

  • 350legend

    Its crazy for any fan any where to assume that his neck will snap, once he gets hit!! dont see it happening and wouldnt wish that on any player!!


    Any one talking that kind of nonsense is not a football fan! You play, push the limits and if an injury happens on any play, that is the game. But to try to intentionally hurt someone, or to wish and injury, especially of that nature, is just stupid.

  • herc_rock

    Oh noes! My sensibilities!!!