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Published on 07/25/2012 at Wed Jul 25 14:39.
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Tracy Porter

Denver Broncos cornerback Tracy Porter meets with the media on the eve of 2012 training camp. ( photo)

Denver Broncos head coach John Fox and a suite of players gathered at Dove Valley to meet with the media on the eve of training camp Wednesday afternoon; here are a few excerpts from those interactions.

D.J. Williams will lose first team reps

With a six-game suspension looming at the start of the season, Fox indicated that the Broncos will prepare for life without Williams by, well, practicing without Williams. We’ll be keeping an eye on who fills in for D.J. and how often he is inserted into the starting lineup as camp progresses

Kuper and Moreno ready to go

Chris Kuper and Knowshon Moreno passed physicals and are expected to practice tomorrow. “They’ll all be suited up,” Fox said. “We’ll be smart about how we rep them early in camp.”

Elvis mum on investigation

“I can’t mention anything out of respect to this investigation,” Elvis Dumervil said roughly a dozen times as he was asked about the investigation itself, its timeline, and his expectations. Through it all, Elvis remained hushed regarding his Miami arrest two weeks ago. “The truth will come out,” he said.

Tracy Porter has yet to bring up that Peyton Manning interception

“He’s highly competitive,” Porter said of Manning, laughing. “He’ll just let his game speak for him. He’ll probably throw at you three or four times and hit a couple of completions just to let you know what type of guy he is.” Obviously the last thing any cornerback wants is Peyton Manning picking on him in practice.

Aurora shooting weighs heavily

The Aurora tragedy was mentioned several times during Wednesday’s meet-and-greet, and each player or coach echoed the humbling feeling to be able to represent and provide emotional support to the community. “I always look at it myself and say, ‘Why are you excited to see me? I don’t do anything but play football,'” Porter said. “I’m learning that professional athletes, they do have a huge impact on people’s lives.”

“We understand the responsibility that comes with being in the Broncos organization,” Fox said. “This region, city, state has great passion for the team, there’s no doubt. I think our players will feel the responsibility, and that’s something we’ll most definitely talk about during our team meeting (tonight).”

“For some of the negative things that happen to occur, our guys do a whole lot of good,” Fox said.

2012 Denver Broncos training camp begins tomorrow morning at 8:50 a.m. and is open to the public.

  • Jon

    Awesome stuff, Kyle!

  • Jeffrey Koch

    Woodyard at linebacker
    Dedicate the season with like a patch to the victims of the shooting

  • Ian Henson

    How bad do the allegations against Elvis look in light of the Aurora tragedy?