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Published on 07/10/2012 at Tue Jul 10 19:45.
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(Image courtesy of NFL Network)

Quarterback Peyton Manning is under contract to make $18 million in Denver this season.  According to ESPN, he turned down an offer from the Tennessee Titans worth $25 million a year — $7 million more than what the Broncos offered.

That says a lot about what Manning thinks about Denver’s front office and confirms that he was not just looking for the “highest bidder” during his free agency tour during earlier in the year.  That’s exciting news for the Broncos, and Peyton’s new teammates.

“I’m looking forward to (playing with him this season),”  wide receiver Demaryius Thomas said on NFL Network Tuesday.  “He’s a Hall of Famer and he didn’t have to come to Denver.  So for him to choose to come to Denver and for me to get to play with him, I’m excited.”

Thomas went on to note that he was nervous when he first met Peyton (he called him “Sir”) and that he and Manning have developed a “good rhythm” together by working together unofficially.  Manning is currently in Tennessee (recording a commercial and working out), and Thomas said he is going to “try and get out there” to run routes with him before training camp starts up later in the month.

“He’s the biggest leader I’ve ever seen.  When we’re working out together as a whole team, his voice will be over everybody’s.  I’m excited about having somebody like that that’ll push me, I feel like it will make me better,” concluded Thomas.

If Manning really did accept seven million less to join Denver than Tennessee offered him, we should be pretty excited about the state of the Broncos franchise.  60 days, 22 hours, 22 minutes, 27 seconds and 312 milliseconds!

  • TheTroglodyte

    Wow! I wonder if that was guaranteed more money or bonus oriented with a bunch of clauses. I hope it’s true because I’d like to eat some crow on that one.

  • TD30isMVP

    He probably figured (correctly) that with the money they had invested in the RB and QB positions there would not be any room to actually have some talent around him.

  • TheTroglodyte

    That’s a great point!

  • dogheadbrew

    I had heard that the partial ownership piece may not have worked with the CBA, of course that may not have anything to do with his decision, or even be accurate.

    It’s nice to have further proof that Manning made an on field decision. Even nicer that decision led him here. That said, I think he will be able to fill 10 more bank accounts with money even after his career. Another Superbowl could be worth 20 million to his pocketbook with endorsements and other opportunities.

  • jdkchem

    Virginiajet was not available for comment!

  • billy2

    Do you suppose ovomit will let the big buck earners off the hook or will it make them pay their fair share……………… far IT’S letting off whitehouse staff………so just wonderin.

  • herc_rock

    I love any and all clowning on that dude.

  • TD30isMVP

    You Sir are a tool…get off of my break from reality site.

  • herc_rock

    What, moron?

  • herc_rock

    Did anyone catch the DT interview? He sounds like the dumbest person alive when he speaks.

  • Andrew Davidson

    Haha “get off of my break from reality site”

  • Jon

    I think he was really nervous… He could probably go to a speech class.

  • Jon

    I removed the note about partial ownership in the team for several reasons:

    (1) I mistakenly assumed that PFT noted that in their report after skimming over it based on previous reports earlier in the offseason that said Bud Adams had offered him partial ownership in the team — but PFT never mentioned that with the $26M story.

    and (2) like you said, that may have not even been true and even if it was, it wouldn’t have checked out with CBA rules.

  • dogheadbrew

    Fair enough, but your point still stands as valid.

    In another note, is several can be defined as 2, then my life just got much easier. “No honey, I can’t trim the hedge today, I have several other errands to run (Home depot and the liquor store).”

  • herc_rock

    I don’t know, man. Every interview he gives he sounds ignorant.

  • Jon

    That he may be, but the man can play ball, I’ll give him that much.