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Published on 07/21/2012 at Sat Jul 21 11:30.
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We’re celebrating some of the greatest hits in Denver Broncos history.  Today, we remember Al Wilson‘s huge third down stop against Oakland.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for Hit No. 2!  After the series is over we’ll top it off with one big hitastic video.

  • Mike Tritz


    I don’t comment much and was wondering, where does the huge hit Meck put
    on Marcus Allen rate on your list? I was sitting right in front of that
    one, on the 35 yard line.I had never heard of Mecklenburg prior to
    this. It really put him on the map, making Sports Illustrated’s top ten
    hits of all time, I do believe. If you have already shown that hit then,
    kindly disregard and keep up the excellent work.


  • Steve Smith

    That is my favorite hit as well!! I was young when that happened, but it sticks in my mind. This hit by Al Wilson is similar, but Allen didn’t see his coming. It was in open space, Allen was looking to catch a swing pass and jumped up in the air. Classic.

  • Mike Tritz

    Yeah, this was my second Broncos game, against the chiefs, I believe.
    Anyway, I was sitting with a guy who was taking pictures with a really
    nice camera, high end stuff, you know. He, as fate would have it, was
    fiddling with his camera when all of the sudden “Boom” Mecklenburg hit
    Allen like he was shot out of a rocket. just blasted him I looked at the
    guy and said ‘You just missed the shot of your life time, brother:”.
    They had to carry Marcus from the field but to his credit, he returned
    and got outside for over twenty yards. I thought he was done after that
    hit. This happened in ’84, Elway’s second season, maybe I’m wrong about
    the year.. Too bad the guy next to me didn’t get the picture. He was a
    chiefs fan… go figure.

    Thanks for your response. I like Bronco Talk.

    There seems to be less mean spirited comments here than what I’ve seen over at the DP.