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Published on 07/15/2012 at Sun Jul 15 11:30.
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We’re celebrating some of the greatest hits in Denver Broncos history.  Today, we remember Von Miller‘s big hit on Mark Sanchez.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for Hit No. 8!  After the series is over we’ll top it off with one big hitastic video.

  • TheTroglodyte

    Fraking unreal! Dumerville arrested for felony weapon assault. This season is going to end before it even gets started.

  • Andrew Davidson

    I wish there was an award for dominant defensive play of the year. If there was, I would vote for this play! Von threw that tackle aside like he was a child and then PLANTED the QB with a perfect form tackle. Gives me chills! There is a video on YouTube of this hit from the stands. The whole stadium went CRAZY!