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Published on 06/24/2012 at Sun Jun 24 17:58.
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Shannon Sharpe (far left) seen in the huddle as a member of EA Sports' Canton Greats team. At quarterback, Joe Montana is the starter with John Elway backing him up and cornerback Champ Bailey being the No. 3 cornerback.

Merely days after cover voting started, Denver’s two representatives — linebacker Von Miller and quarterback Tim Tebow — were eliminated in the cover vote for the Madden NFL 13 video game athlete.  That didn’t stop EA Sports from featuring several historical Broncos in the game.

Former quarterback John Elway and tight end Shannon Sharpe will be among the “legends” featured in the game this year.  Through new features such as Connected Careers and Canton Greats, you can play as the legendary Broncos.

There is a catch though, to unlock Elway you have to pre-order the game through Walmart (you can pre-order here, H/T to MHR’s Troy Hufford for pointing that out).  Sharpe will be featured in every version of the game.

Another Bronco, a current member of the team, will also be featured among the Canton Greats — cornerback Champ Bailey.  There are seven current NFL players among the Canton Greats, with Champ being one of three cornerbacks (joining Deion Sanders and Dick Lane).

Both Elway and Sharpe are already members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame — Bailey is expected to be voted in the first year he is eligible.  The trio has appeared in eight combined Super Bowls.

Unfortunately, no official screenshots of Elway, Sharpe or Bailey have been released by EA Sports, yet.  We have stumbled across images of running back Willis McGahee, quarterback Peyton Manning, Miller and took an unofficial screenshot of Bailey.

The game comes out on August 28th and will be available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Vita and Wii.  When player ratings and more screenshots become available, we’ll pass them on to you.

Will you be buying Madden 13?  Will you pre-order the game to play with Elway?

  • fiercepika

    Is there a reason Broncos players are all in the blue unis? Seems to me it wouldn’t have been hard to make that color switch back when Bowlen and the NFL confirmed they’d be switching to orange.