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Published on 06/30/2012 at Sat Jun 30 10:00.
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(Andrew Mason/MaxDenver)

This offseason, we’re going to do a Speak Up series looking at each position (o-line, d-line, etc).  Today, we’re looking at the secondary.

We want to know what you think about the Denver Broncos secondary going into the 2012 season.  Should the young safeties play?  Who should be the No. 2 CB?

Returning:  CB Champ Bailey, S David Bruton, DB Rafael Bush, DB Chris Harris, S Quinton Carter, CB Joshua Moore, S Rahim Moore, CB Ramzee Robinson and CB Syd’Quan Thompson.

Acquired:  CB Omar Bolden, S Mike Adams, CB Drayton Florence, CB Tracy Porter, S Duke Ihenacho and CB Coryell Judie.

Heading into training camp, Bailey and Porter appear to be the top two corners with Florence, Harris and Bolden competing for a nickel spot.  At safety, Adams is a presumed starter with Moore and Carter competing to start across from him.

What’s your take?  Should Moore or Carter start at safety?  Should Bolden, Harris or Florence be the No. 3 cornerback?

Dish out your thoughts in the comments and vote in the poll after the jump!

What should the secondary look like?

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  • Jeffrey Koch

    Bailey Carter adams and porter
    Harris at Nickel
    Bruton and Moore at back up safeties
    Florence and bolden as 4 and 5 and rotation
    Thompson trade for picks he’s the odd man out

  • Ahmad Washington

    We have a lot of corners and I love all of them. Our secondary has really beefed up in a year. Id still like to see if Moore can make up for a disappointing rookie season. I think Carter is a monster! I also think Porter is just a stand in for the development of Harris and Bolden, which is a reason to keep Thompson. Go Broncos!

  • Eric Price

    Rahim Moore didn’t have that great of a rookie season, but I guarantee he will improve!

  • Eric Price

    I feel the same way! I’ve never had so much confidence in our defense before, and the season hasn’t even started!

  • Big_Pete

    This is pretty much exactly what I was going to type. Like, I was typing and then thought “I guess I’ll read above to see what others are saying”, and bam, right off the bat, this was what I would have picked. Bravo!

  • Jeffrey Koch

    Thanks bro keeping 5 is crucial because of the pass happy league but 6 excessive shouldn’t hold Thompson back from a career but hes definitely the odd man out and think about the future

  • Michael Gibbons

    I honestly think we should let Florence go and keep thompson. For one I’d rather see bolden or Harris at Nickle learning and have Thompson incase of an injury which wil happen. You wot get anything Ina trade fr Thompson a 7th round pick development player who tore his Achilles. Plus Thompson returns punts

  • Jon

    Agreed, @Big_Pete:disqus and @facebook-100000594003018:disqus.

  • Jon

    I generally agree, too, but I think Porter is a lot better than you give him credit for, @facebook-100002358365391:disqus.

  • Amber Maiden

    the thompson issue he is developmental but showed flashes of talent and
    is a ball hawk and agree wouldnt get anything in a trade should keep
    him and see if possible switch to safety with his natural ability to get
    to the ball I thought he showed more promise than perrish cox before
    his injury . but excited to see bailey
    and porter for sure big
    improvement over last year

  • Jon

    Can’t forget Chris Harris, everyone. He’s a stud.

  • Andrew Davidson

    He’s good when he is on the field, but he has missed a LOT of games with injuries. That’s his downfall in my opinion, not his production.

  • Andrew Davidson

    Trade Squid?!?! With Porter’s history of injury I don’t think we are as deep at DB as you make it sound…I’d say Bruton or Moore should hit the bricks (leaning towards Bruton due to more upside for Moore). We have multiple DBs that can play CB or Safety but not any safeties that can play CB effectively.Just my 2 cents.

  • Andrew Davidson

    Agreed…I hope he turns out to be the defensive version of Rod Smith…undrafted MONSTER workhorse. Fans and the team can get behind a player like that. Love the guy for sure. Hats off to the Broncos for finding him…home run.

  • Andrew Davidson

    6 may not be excessive because we want to keep our DB’s fresh… remember teams will be throwing a LOT more against us since Manning will build up a huge lead…:-)