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Published on 06/27/2012 at Wed Jun 27 13:00.
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This offseason, we’re going to do a Speak Up series looking at each position (o-line, d-line, etc.).  Today, we’re looking at the tight ends.

We want to know who you think should be the main tight ends in Denver this season.  Who should be No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3?

Returning:  Virgil Green, Cornelius Ingram and Julius Thomas.

Acquired:  Joel Dreessen, Jacob Tamme and Anthony Miller.

During minicamp, Dreessen and Tamme have appeared to be the Co-No. 1 tight ends, with Green, Miller and Ingram following in behind (Thomas is recovering from an injury).  Dreessen and Tamme will presumably be the top two tight ends, but who will be the third?

The Broncos will likely keep three-to-four tight ends, meaning Green, Thomas, Miller and Ingram will be fighting for two spots.  Who do you think should make the team?

Dish out your thoughts in the comments and vote in the poll after the jump!

Who should be the four TE's in '12?

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  • Michael Gibbons

    Not sure how long of a leash Thomas has, but his athletism and potential is there. Green has a suspension but when on the field last year proved to be a useful player special teams and versatility. Hard to say but one of them will have to play fullback well enough to add to there rep

  • Ricky Hardesty

    I don’t know if they’re brave enough to try and see if thomas or green would clear waivers and put him on the practice squad, but i can’t see them flat out cutting thomas or green a year after drafting them. Tamme and Dreessen will be an awesome 1,2 combo. Almost as potent as Hernandez and Gronk. If thomas can somehow catch on that would be awesome because he has that vertical speed not many other TE’s have.

  • robtink242

    Not feeling Tamme to tough i was a true third string TE in Indy.. i would say that this is an open position in camp and it’s up to Thomas to make his way up.. think will be fine thought. Peyton knows how to make players over achieve… Go Broncos

  • Paradisimo

    I’d be amazed if we didn’t go with 4 TE’s this year. Green proved useful last year and no way they are going to pull the plug on Thomas after only one season.