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Published on 06/19/2012 at Tue Jun 19 07:28.
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Denver Broncos News

KOA Q&A – Elway, Part Two |
The Broncos recently finished their OTAs (organized team activities) and now they are off until training camp begins in late July. Leading up to training camp, we are bringing you a series of conversations 850 KOA has had with various Broncos personnel.

Potential of Broncos’ Decker, Thomas stokes veteran WR | Denver Post
Back in Denver for his second go-round with the Broncos, Brandon Stokley leaned against the wall in a hallway inside Dove Valley during a recent interview as the conversation turned to Eric Decker and Demaryius Thomas.

Archie Mannng: Peyton Manning is a ‘take charge’ kind of guy |
The glowing evaluations are still coming in on Peyton Manning’s performance at Broncos mini-camp. Among those who’ve been keeping a close eye: Peyton’s dad.

Denver Broncos Blogs

Page Begins New Chapter |
As soon as the final selection of the 2012 NFL Draft was off the board, the Broncos front office was once again hard at work. The team began furiously working the phones to sign a handful of college free agents, in the end signing 13.

Broncos-slayer LaDainian Tomlinson retires with Chargers | First and Orange
There’s this song they like to play at Qualcomm in San Diego whenever the Chargers score a touchdown, a catchy pop song called “(more bounce in) California” by some band called Soul Kid #1.

Plenty of surprises predicted for upcoming NFL season |
It is once again almost time for a new season of NFL football. It seems like not that long ago that Eli Manning and the New York Giants were holding the Lombardi Trophy high above their heads. The Houston Texans took the next step in their franchise by finally making the playoffs for the first time in team history.

Why the Denver Broncos Will Win the Super Bowl in 2012 | Bleacher Report
When Peyton Manning signed to play with the Denver Broncos, football changed. Tim Tebow, who generated tons of attention, was sent to the place where attention is all that matters (New York Jets). Denver had to change their offense, and thirteen teams had to change their approach to playing Denver.

  • TD30isMVP

    “Willis McGahee had a great year last year. (Mario) Fannin, the young kid we signed as a free agent last year out of Auburn, is coming back off a knee injury in camp. (He) looks good. And then (Ronnie) Hillman, who we drafted in the third round, is a guy that has big-play ability. I think you’re still going to see good balance.” That was a partial quote from Elway…note there is nothing about Moreno.

  • Tim Lynch

    Also note that Elway only mentioned they guys picked up during his tenure as GM. ;-)

  • Tim Lynch

    People will want to make a big deal about Moreno not being mentioned, but the fact is – Fox decides who makes the final roster. Elway doesn’t micromanage like that. He’s just supporting “his” guys. imo anyway

  • TD30isMVP

    yeah but they talk and evaluate constantly…just seems he was tipping his hand as far as who the RB’s in the front of the line are.

  • Jon

    *Executive Vice President of Football Operations*

  • Jon

    I agree, TD. I think Moreno will be competing with Ball and Johnson for a roster spot, but he can beat them out if they carry four RBs.

  • DougEngland

    I noticed and thought the same thing.

  • Tim Lynch

    Don’t get me wrong…it doesn’t take a great football evaluation to see Moreno is running out of time. I just think Elway’s intent was to name the guys he brought in, rather than the guys he was left.

  • Big_Pete

    Very astute pickup.
    Another thing of note is that McCoy also doesn’t talk about Moreno when he does interviews. I mean, he will go IN DEPTH about mundane stuff, and answer above and beyond the question asked…. So when he doesn’t even mention Moreno when asked about RBs and how they fit in, it says something.