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Published on 06/12/2012 at Tue Jun 12 20:30.
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The Denver Broncos began their first session of a four-day offseason minicamp on Tuesday.  Here are some quick hits on today’s events:

Participation report — Only three players — kicker Matt Prater (disgruntled), guard Chris Kuper (ankle) and tight end Julius Thomas (ankle) — did not participate in practice today.  In Prater’s absence, the Broncos tried out kickoff specialist Adi Kunalic.

Injury report —  Wide receiver Demaryius Thomas provided a fright when he appeared to injury one of his fingers during practice.  Fortunately, it was only a minor jam.

National media attention —  Among the big-time media outlets covering the Broncos’ practice today were USA Today, ESPN and NFL Network.  An Air Force crew was also there, presumably to do a piece on defensive lineman Ben Garland.  NBC was also on hand, taking photos and conducting interviews for the team’s Sunday Night Football season opener on September 9th, against the Steelers.

Rookie roundup —  Rookie quarterback Brock Osweiler and running back Ronnie Hillman both attended practice, despite the fact that both players are currently negotiating contracts with the team.  The team is reportedly having “back-and-forth” negotiations with Hillman regarding his deal.  Efforts to contact Hillman’s agent, Eugene Parker, were unsuccessful.  Defenisve tackle Derek Wolfe was also present – practicing with the full team for the first time this offseason after not being allowed to participate in OTAs due to NFL graduation rules.

Photo album —  Check out a photo album from today’s practice on BroncoTalk’s Facebook page.

Miscellaneous notes –  Peyton Manning’s former offensive coordinator and confidant Tom Moore attended Denver’s practice session Tuesday…  Coach John Fox isn’t sweating over D.J. Williams’ playbook tweet… Second-year safety Quinton Carter was practicing with the first team defense across from Mike Adams in the back-end of Denver’s secondary.  During OTAs, Rahim Moore was starting above Carter.  The two young safeties will compete for a starting gig this summer… Manning was picked off by cornerback Tracy Porter during practice, undoubtedly bringing back memories of this play for both players.

Check back tomorrow for more notes and news on Denver’s 2012 minicamp.

  • Big_Pete

    Is it just me, or was Tom Moore wearing Broncos gear, and on the field with the players? This seems like more than a “miscellaneous note”… seems like this should be investigated by media outlets, yet I can’t find anything.

    Is Moore a consultant? Working for Broncos? Working for Manning? Just visiting? I mean, it isn’t like I saw Woody Paige on the field with the players, let alone wearing Broncos team clothing, so obviously the team wanted him there… What is Moore’s role with the team? I’m getting super excited if he’s employed by the team in some capacity. Manning was always unbelievable, but he was undoubtedly the best QB in the NFL when he had Moore on his side! Please oh please let Moore be here for him agin!

  • TD30isMVP

    Why are we having ANY problem signing the two rookies! This is supposed to be set up so that it is a no brainer…damn agents.

  • Tim Lynch

    It’s probably a disagreement over the agents cut.

  • Joey Baldwin

    Moore has been working with manning the entire offseason and was a big part of his decision making the fact that he was at Broncos practice isnt a surprise as I’m sure they are trying to monitor Peyton’s health and strides together. He said he isn’t working with the Brocks but wants to coach in 2013 no to say that it will be with the Broncos but… If the shoe fits!!!

  • Jon

    Last year the Broncos screwed over Nate Irving and Osweiler and Hillman’s agents don’t want the same thing to happen to their clients.

  • Jon

    “Manning’s former offensive coordinator Tom Moore made it clear Tuesday
    he was simply visiting camp and has no plans to join the team as a
    consultant. Moore was on the Pittsburgh staff with Fox in 1989. Moore,
    73, said he is interested in coaching again in 2013.”


  • Big_Pete

    I am well aware that Moore said he was just visiting. I believe I had that in my post. My point of contention is that if he’s just visiting, he wouldn’t be wearing the same official team windbreaker as the coaches. He’d be wearing whatever windbreaker/jacket he packed in his suitcase and had hanging in his hotel closet.

    Guess what? Mike Shanahan visited the Steelers 2 years ago when he had no job and said he wanted to coach “next year”. How many pictures and videos were there of him wearing anything with a Steelers logo on it? None! That’s how many! Why? Because he wasn’t employed or otherwise working with that team.

    All I’m saying is that it just doesn’t make any sense for Moore to wear Broncos gear if he isn’t with the team in some capacity. It’s one of those “actions speak louder than words” situations… his actions (and clothing) say he’s with the Broncos, if only because Manning employed him, even though his words say otherwise.

  • Big_Pete

    Yeah. I know he said he was only visiting, but like I just replied, if he’s only visiting, then he isn’t wearing Broncos stuff. He’s wearing the clothes he brought with him. If he’s simply a Manning fan, then he’s wearing a Manning jersey or shirt, not the same stuff the other Broncos coaches are wearing. I mean, it isn’t like the 80 degree weather yesterday forced him to wear a Broncos jacket to keep from freezing to death before he got to his hotel and put his own jacket on. lol.

    I’m fine if Manning hired him to be consultant for the year. I really don’t care who hires him to stick around the team, I just want him around the team, and I want less smoke and mirrors by this organization. Elway promised transparency, and all he’s done is throw up more diversions than Bill Belichick.
    Maybe like the radio is saying… McCoy was almost a head coach this year after his job with Tebow… if we do great this year, he’s probably gone to be a head coach, so Moore would just slide in, especially seeing he said he wants to coach again in 2013… So maybe he will be kinda like Alex Gibbs this year and “consult”… Then, already familiar with the team, he becomes OC next year when he already stated he wants to coach? cause consulting isn’t coaching unless you are Gibbs. haha

  • Arvin Davis

    Missy Franklin (Olympic hopeful) wore broncos gear during her visit to Broncos ( You think she will be our water-girl? Don’t read too much into things like these.

  • Jon

    Eh, I don’t know. You might be on to something but I don’t think he’s joining the Broncos this year.