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Published on 06/03/2012 at Sun Jun 03 20:10.
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Denver Broncos Super Bowl XXXII Ring

The funny thing about this review is that I’ll be using the same photo from the offensive list. Super Bowl XXXII was simply an incredible moment in Denver Broncos history, especially for us fans. It wasn’t just a 38 year wait, but four Super Bowl losses – each more embarrassing than the previous. A view around the league that the Broncos were simply a joke, which was evident to the laughable 14 point spread between a 13-3 team and a 12-4 team. If one were unbiased, they’d instantly realize the two teams were evenly matched, but its hard to let go of one’s preconceived notions and the one’s prevalent of the Broncos in the early to mid 90’s was one of contempt. All of this only fed into the pure greatness of this singular moment in Broncos history, which is why two of my #1 spots occurred during this game.

I actually made a mistake when putting this list together, when I inexplicably left “The Fumble” off my final list. Imagine a hand written list of plays, with “The Fumble” at the very top, but slightly left on the margin of the rest of the plays. I think my mind ignored it while I was ordering the list as it saw it as a “Title” and to be ignored. It wasn’t until after the Von Miller post was live that I realized my error, which means I had to cut a play off the list that I felt was higher on my list.

Randy Gradishar, during the 1980 season, snatched a ball that was deflected off a players foot and took it 93 yards to the house in a game against the Cleveland Browns.  I wanted Gradishar on my list somewhere, and that play seemed like the most amazing play I could find – considering I was soiling diapers during much of his career.  Unfortunately, he was #4 on my list before I realized “The Drive” was left off the list and was the one that got squeezed out. It is what it is, but I wanted to make it right with my review post.  Enjoy the video!

One last note, I will not rush through the Special Teams list as I did on the defensive side of the ball.  I will spend this week researching those plays, so I don’t have any snafu’s like I did with this series. If you have any incredible ST plays, let me know. Those will prove the most difficult to assemble, since almost every big play on ST is pretty awesome.

Go Broncos!

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  • 1BigBFan1

     I saw Randy Gradishar stuff so many goal line plays at crucial times (AFC championship vs. Raiders……. path to first super bowl), I can’t pick a run for 93 yards play as the best; but it tells you something about what this guy could do…… there has to be a way to get him into the Hall of Fame….!

  • anthony33

    Great job with the whole series Tim.  Great way to pass the time waiting for camp to open.  Brings back so many great memories.  We are all blessed to be Bronco fans!!

  • Aaron McFarland

    For special teams play, this one would have to be one of the top ones, considering before this play they actually blocked the field goal attempt but Denver called a time out and the play was negated.  This block won the game in overtime against San Diego:

  • Brian N Rachel Dale

     That’ exactly the one I thought of, but I’m pretty sure Dennis Smith blocked them both  and Wright picked them both up….amazing…two blocks in a row, same two people!

  • AZDynamics

    I had to pick Mobley’s play because of what it meant to us all at that moment. But I’ll never forget Gradishar’s play, nor his head-on collisions at the goal line. And when Louis Wright returned that FB block, I think I briefly lost my sanity.

    I love my Denver Broncos . . .

  • fiercepika

    I have to nominate Rick Upchurch’s performance in 1976, when he returned two kicks for TD’s:  

    Nearly certain I saw a video recap of this on Youtube or Hulu recently.  :)

  • anthony33

    When it comes to special teams, the play that stands out to me because in my mind it marked the complete turn around of the franchise.  It was against Oakland (in Oakland) and Denver faked a field goal and Norris Weese (I think) threw a touchdown pass to a wide open Jim Turner.  Unbelieveable!!  I also think that was the game where TJ was yelling at Madden “it’s all over fat man”.  Classic

  • herc_rock

    A few contenders:

    Jim Turner’s fake fg in ’77 –

    Eddie Royal taking two to the house in ’09.

    Upchurch taking two to the house in ’76. 

    Elam’s 63 yarder.

    Elam’s clincher against KC in the ’97 playoffs.

    Karlis’ OT kick in the Drive game.

    Prater’s 59 yard game winner last year.

    Sauerbrun’s forced fumble against NE in the ’05 playoffs.

    Plummer over the shoulder fake fg to Elam a few years back.