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Published on 06/01/2012 at Fri Jun 01 08:00.
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Peyton Manning

Reuters photo

The Denver Broncos are being careful with their four-time surgically repaired, four-time NFL MVP. CBS4 gives us some details on Mike McCoy‘s workout plan with Peyton Manning

Manning’s workload is being watched by head athletic trainer Steve “Greek” Antonopulos, who is monitoring the quarterback’s rehab along with strength and conditioning coach Luke Richesson.

“Greek and (Manning) have sat down and determined how long he can go, how many throws he can make each week,” McCoy said. “But the mental challenge … we’re throwing everything at him like every other player and as we go his reps will increase.”

Manning reportedly threw only short to intermediate passes in the first Broncos practice open to the media last week. On Wednesday, they got the deep game involved. By many accounts, the session was sloppier. It’s May; they’ll gel in time.

Greek may be limiting Manning’s quantity of throws, but McCoy insists they’re not limiting the quality.

“No he’s fine. He can do everything.”

Gotta say I like hearing the Broncos are being careful with Manning; as badly as I want to see him in sync with these receivers, it’s better to make sure Manning’s MVP count increases before his surgery count does. What do you all think?

  • Speer999

    This exactly what I wanted to hear. Something about his neck surgery poped up deep inside my head (barely) when I heard he was off this past tues, but now I’m 100% certain he is only recovering from rest and growing into the best Manning ever. Why do I think he’ll be the best Manning ever? Because I’m convenced we’ll win superbowls, that’s why.  Haters gonna Hate, GO BRONCOS!!! 

  • Josh Temple

    Probably a good thing Tuten isn’t employed anymore, he’d have Manning doing 400lb squats with the bar behind his neck.