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Published on 05/31/2012 at Thu May 31 16:07.
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“But a four-time MVP made you some QB that we used to know!”, laments the heartbroken Tim Tebow fan, body painted in Denver Broncos colors, singing to a framed picture of John Elway. Peyton Manning gets the Indianapolis Colts treatment as well, making this the most Broncos-centric parody YouTube ever.

Well done, Internets. Well done. Gotye’s got nothing on this.

Credit: Humordy on YouTube

  • Jon

    Oh, my.

  • Monty

    Someone told us this wasn’t even the first Peyton Manning Gotye parody. 

  • chrislynch

    That was AWESOME!!!  To think I first heard Gotye’s song this morning in a rental car, and now this.

  • TheTroglodyte


  • Josh Temple

    Not sure how you’ve missed it.  I hear at least 3 times a day without even trying.

  • chrislynch

    I listen to Octane on SiriusXM, and my own Zune Playlists (mostly Hard Rock and Metal.)  I just so happen to have had the radio on KROQ 106.7 here in SoCal, and it was playing.

  • Tony DiPentino

    This is the first PM Goyte parody. not as good but really funny

  • herc_rock