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Published on 05/29/2012 at Tue May 29 11:45.
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So Peyton Manning says no to Dolphins, Broncos and Manning say no to Hard Knocks, and, like love-scorned phoenixes rising from the flames of heartbreak, the two find each other.

Don’t worry, HBO can’t be too sad. They will get to feature a first-time head coach, a rookie quarterback, and a three-way quarterback competition. Oh, and Lauren Tannehill.

Jokes aside, HBO and NFL Films always put out a fine product, and I can’t wait to see Hard Knocks back in action in 2012.

  • Tim Lynch


    Dolphins are about as interesting as a nasty case of athlete’s foot.  if only BMarsh were still on the roster … then it’d be must watch TV!  

  • jdkchem

     Unless what you want is a soap opera.

  • Josh Temple

    This all becomes great of course the second Jeff Ireland asks inappropriate questions regarding the player’s mothers.

  • Doom92

    Well Lauren Tannehill is truly a hottie, maybe she will be on the show and help them out??? I know wishful thinking ;-)…lol.