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Published on 05/10/2012 at Thu May 10 12:16.
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Apparently Tim Tebow could not deal with the psychological trauma of having his identity being ripped away by his master, so he took it out on his dog in similar fashion.

Poor puppy. Is it football season yet?

  • Tim Lynch

    Why would you rename your dog?  That is kind of f-ed up.   My Teboner just shrunk quite a bit over this…you’d think Robby Tebow would have seen the backlash over this.  At least from people who like dogs.


  • Anonymous

     Its not changing it that much so I don’t think it will traumatize the dog.  Bronco-Broncs

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  • Matt S

    The bigger question is, does anyone really care?

  • Kevin

    Broco/Bronx might, but I doubt it

  • Tom9798

    Want your dog to respond?  Name him ‘bacon’ or ‘sausage!’

    Had a friend who named his dog ‘boner.’ 

    He would go out every morning on the front porch in his rather conservative neighborhood (the Broadmoor) , and stand and yell for five minutes, “Boner! . . . Here Boner! . . . over here, “Boner!” . . .

    Dog never came . . . although it was his name . . . would show up when he felt like it . . .

    All the ladies up and down the block getting their milk and newspapers and putting out the trash seemed rather amused . . . and looked back more than once . . . .

  • Gradishar53

    The guy sound like all class…

  • King

     …and they gnashed on him with their teeth…

  • King

     Why?  Because he is no longer a Bronco.  Sounds like common sense to me. 

    The dog will never know the difference.  Sadly, Tebow can’t escape evil words over even something meaningless like changing his dog’s name. 

    How far society has fallen.