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Published on 05/08/2012 at Tue May 08 12:24.
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Drayton Florence is a solid cornerback who started 45 games in the past three seasons for the Buffalo Bills. In production and age, he’s similar to recently released Andre Goodman… if the Broncos can get him for cheaper, it makes all the sense in the world.

(Here’s an interesting nugget, though — Goodman is visiting the Titans, too.)

  • Anonymous

    If he is Goodman I don’t see the point? If its not an upgrade why bother, unless of course its to add depth and in that case maybe Goodman should have stayed (which I successfully hoped against). However I thought Florence was pretty good when he was with SD so perhaps he could bring some of that out of himself???

  • Anonymous

    Pretty much a depth role I guess. I would likely pass on Florence. But I’m also kind of hoping Cincy releases Nate Clements and he’d be willing to restructure.

  • Edmund Archuleta

    Good comments that I have read about Florence’s article.

  • Bafongula

    Florence a solid corner?????  The writer must be sniffing glue!  Florence couldn’t cover me with a blanket.  This guy was burned so much last season the fire department couldn’t even save his sorry a–.
    Look at it this way, the Bills defense was at the bottom of the league and a lot of it was due to the inability to stop the pass.  Before the draft the Bills listed corner as one of their biggest needs and drafted two corners, one of which was their number 1.  Does that tell you something?