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Published on 04/28/2012 at Sat Apr 28 12:11.
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Danny Trevathan

Danny Trevathan poses for a headshot during the NFL Scouting Combine on Saturday, Feb. 25, 2012, in Indianapolis. (AP Photo/Ben Liebenberg)

The Denver Broncos have selected Danny Trevathan with the 188th pick of the 2012 NFL Draft.

With the final pick in the 2012 NFL Draft for the Denver Broncos, John Elway and company keyed in on yet another position of need with Trevathan.  He can come in and contribute immediately on Special Teams and could provide some needed depth with some other young guys currently on the roster at Linebacker.

He sort of reminds me of a faster Wesley Woodyard, but Trevathan doesn’t appear to be as skilled in coverage.  In any case, a solid pick up to round out the draft for the Broncos.

What do you fans think of this pick?

Let’s take a look at Trevathan’s pre-draft profile. Draft Profile

Trevathan is a fluid athlete who is undersized but crafty and uses his athletic ability to stay active. In the right NFL system that can keep offensive linemen off him, likely a 4-3 scheme, Trevathan can hit a lane hard and make plays in the backfield. He struggles to get free once blockers engage him, which will be a persistent problem. Due to his athletic ability and enormous production, he has fourth-round value and could be selected even earlier by a team looking to take a risk on an undersized guy capable of contributing immediately on special teams.

STRENGTHS Trevathan is a good lateral mover who makes plays sideline to sideline. He can run down almost any ball carrier. He relies on his speed to rush the passer and brings a physical, explosive drive-shoulder tackle when he reaches the quarterback. He can secure interceptions with relative ease and is active in the pass game even though he struggles when dropping. He is a classic undersized, athletic lateral mover at outside linebacker.

WEAKNESSES Trevathan is an undersized linebacker who can struggle to shed away from bigger offensive linemen. He should thrive in coverage given his size, but he struggles there as well and seems to get lost. He is better in tight areas and gets somewhat exposed when playing zone coverage. He also can be slow to diagnose plays at times; he needs to hit plays full speed to be effective. He can overrun plays even though he is effective in pursuit.

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  • Anonymous

    In the film I watched on him, I can’t believe how small this guy is.  He looks like a running back out there.  I think he played at around 230ish lbs at Kentucky.  If you watch the film on him, he gets pushed around by offensive linemen and he can’t seem to release because of his shorter arms.  With that said, he has really good lateral speed and seems to be able to sniff out running plays well.  He will be a valuable special teams player, but not sure if he will be able to play LB in the NFL or not.  Good pick for a 6th rounder though

  • Tim Lynch

    STer for sure.  

  • Fan From Spain

    Someone on ESPN called him a “tackling machine”

    Good draft after all, the more film I watch on these picks the more I like em.

  • Anonymous

    This is a steal here. Guy does not struggle in coverage nearly as much as he is made out to here. I’d love to see him add some lbs and play mlb.

  • Scott

    He led the SEC is tackles the last 2 years.

  • Ninjaix

    im undecided on a lot of the picks at their spots but this pick im really happy with a smalled LB that might be asked to cover TEs because he has the size a huge saftey and speed to match up but what i really love about this kid is that he wrapps up!!!! tackling machine is right on every highlist i see when he hits he wraps his arms and finishes the tackle while making an impactful hit that lets you know this is HIS HOUSE!!!! welcome to Denver!!!

  • yeahbaby

    love it, phenomenal pick, tackling machine is what we needed.  Will lead by example.  Great draft, addressed needs and got quality guys.  Not flashy but solid.

  • Anonymous

    Something tells me this kid is going to be used on more than 1 blitz package. Seriously, imagine Von Miller going edge and this kid driving straight through on a slight delay! 

    With that kind of speed, it would be deadly. 

  • broncosolja

    He will have to use his speed to and agility to not be engaged by blockers, but i like this kid!

  • Matt Gravey

    Weaknesses are incorrect with regards to coverage. He is excellent dropping into coverage with three pick last year. He rarely over runs notching for two straight years more than 140 tackles. I think he would be better suited in the nfl to moving to safety. He is faster than his 40 time due to the strained hammie. He could give moore a real run for his money. Lastly anyone who says he is not good in coverage ang over runs plays has not seen him play, maybe just watched a little tape.

  • Mtn. Dave

     @ Matt Garvey, I wondered about him at Safety as well.  

  • Elway4Life

    The guy takes out RBs, QBs, and even referees!  The guy is all over the place! He tackles, sacks, INTs, FFs, etc.!  Great late pick here for the Broncos!