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Published on 04/27/2012 at Fri Apr 27 19:28.
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Ronnie Hillman

Ronnie Hillman poses for a headshot during the NFL Scouting Combine on Friday, Feb. 24, 2012, in Indianapolis. (AP Photo/Ben Liebenberg)

The Denver Broncos have selected Ronnie Hillman with the 67th pick of the 2012 NFL Draft.

This is absolutely the right pick.  John Elway, more than anyone, understands that a premier rushing attack combined with a franchise quarterback will put a team within striking distance of a World Championship each and every year.

Hopefully, this is the final piece of the puzzle that sets a potential championship run into motion.  Though Lamar Miller was still on the board, Hillman will compliment Willis McGahee nicely as they will have the experience and youthful exuberance that will likely be a recipe for success.

What do the rest of you Bronco fans think?


Let’s take a look at Hillman’s pre-draft profile. Draft Profile

Hillman is an early entry junior to the draft from San Diego State, where he started every game for the Aztecs in the past two years and was first team All-Mountain West. He is a bit undersized but has the speed and quickness to have an immediate impact in the NFL. He likely won’t demand the bulk of the carries for an NFL team but is a good “change of pace” guy who does a lot of things well enough to project to make an impact.

STRENGTHS Hillman relies heavily on his quickness and immediate vision to find a seam to be an effective runner. He has decent speed for his size, but his quickness is his biggest asset. He has a natural feel for how to find daylight and can be patient to wait for a pulling interior lineman to get to the second level. He has a good burst in a short area to make guys miss, and has the quickness to be an effective short-yardage back in the NFL.

WEAKNESSES Hillman is a very smooth mover but is not very explosive with the ball in his hands. He likes to feel his way through the line of scrimmage and usually gets to the second level with ease, but he struggles to run with power or elusiveness to make defenders miss and really break for a big gain. He averaged 5.5 yards per carry in his senior year, but those numbers were a bit skewed thanks to some long runs.

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  • kerry

    my first head scratcher. a change of pace back when Lamar Miller and Robert Turbin are on the board…….? not sure if i like this. sounds alot like Moreno with a bit better speed. but we shall see.

  • Cdub12344322

    Lo haha WTF is going on right now? Have I drank to much or am I seeing a waste of this draft! Idk hopefully I eat my foot after all these players show out but idk I’m lost going back to drink! Have a good night broncs hope ya enjoying the draft!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I watched his highlight reels and damn…. this kid is a baller.  Welcome to Denver.

  • MeOMy

    Not sure why we would want him unless we are getting rid of Moreno.

  • kerry

    my question about him though is…can he catch the ball? Manning loves a RB he can dump it off too so perhaps he is a Darren Sproles type guy. doesnt seem to have good speed. decent but not great. i think we need anoter RB because McGahee is old and Moreno is injury prone. maybe we move back into the 3rd with two of our three 4th round pick. Robert Turbin would be good.

  • kerry

    does it show if he can pass protect? a Manning offense demands a RB who can pick up the blitz.

  • Cdub12344322

    I just watched his highlight can I delete my last post haha he is a very versatile back hoping he can continue to burn in the league!

  • Nikeguy916

    Trade back in the 3rd to get Thompson and save this draft somewhat.

  • Bucky

    What was the trade to move up?

  • kerry

    our night is probably over. hoping we didnt spend our 4th rounders to get this guy. hopefully one of them and our fifth.

  • Matthew

    I could get us getting Turbin too. Much like Fox had in Carolina with Deangelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart. I thought It’d
     be miller though. 

  • kerry

    shit i wouldnt cry if we traded for Jonathan Stewart.

  • dbroncs24/7

    Brandon Thompson still sliding we should trade up and get him

  • dbroncs24/7

    Brandon Thompson still sliding we should trade up and get him

  • kerry


  • kerry


  • dbroncs24/7

    We’re on a roll kerry. lol

  • stav

    I read somewhere he’s poor in pass protection. Great

  • Aaron

     “but he struggles to run with power or elusiveness to make defenders miss
    and really break for a big gain. He averaged 5.5 yards per carry in his
    senior year, but those numbers were a bit skewed thanks to some long

    Anyone care to explain this part of his scouting report?? He can’t break long runs, but his 5.5 YPC is skewed thanks to some long runs?


  • kerry

    Jared Crick is still there too. some good DT’s still there. OT Bobbie Massie is still there. best RT in the draft according to alot of the draft gurus. wouldnt mind him being selected by us and Franklin moved into OG.  

  • KG

    I’m a little bit confused on this pick as well. I thought this kid would fall the 4th or maybe even the 5th round. But, I guess you can’t second guess in the draft.  

  • Matthew

    I couldn’t agree more! although Turbin is younger…But he does have somewhat of an injury history.

  • flbronc

     from scouts inc.:

    Never going to be a sit and anchor pass blocker but surprisingly
    effective in this area. Recognizes pressure, steps up and cuts the legs
    out from under blitzing defenders. Chips defensive ends when releases
    off tackle.

    never heard of the guy, so i cant pass judgement at all.  scratching my head at the pick.

  • Matthew

     I agree…but I would like at least one fourth round for Turbin…so I’m not sure.

  • flbronc

     87 & 120

  • kerry

    meaning his averages are counterfeit due to long runs but doesnt have alot of the “hard yards” or those “3 yards and a cloud of dust” yards.

  • flbronc

     gave up our natural fourth for it.

  • dbroncs24/7

    Yea also Mike Martin, but Thompson could give us what Bunkley did last year and free up Wolfe’s pass rush skills

  • Anonymous

     He broke Marshall Faulks single season record at San Diego State, thats all you need to know.  Watch the video and become a fan

  • dbroncs24/7

    Yea I do love Turbin, but i think we could move up with a fourth and fifth or sixth and keep 1 fourth

  • Hansen

     Thompson, Billy Winn, even Ta’amu – I’d be fine with any of those.  I agree with you on Massie and move Franklin inside. 

  • Jared007

    This seems insane.  You already have this guy on the roster, his name is Moreno.

    Any you traded up for this guy?

    Btw – has anyone noticed the net effect off all this trading around?  

       1) Same # of total picks
       2) Moved down/out of 1st round
       4) Moved up slightly in 3rd and 4th round.

    Who negotiates these trades?

  • Chief Ho-Ho

    If he actually sees the field Week 1, Moreno may become a useful team member.  IMO, he got screwed into being McD’s power rusher and he’ll never walk right again because of it.   If healthy, he can play slot receiver and what not and have a positive year.
    That being said, he better suck it up and get used to the name Ronnie Hillman.

  • AtomicLeo

    Had not heard about this guy, but I understand the reasoning after reading about him. He is a change pace guy, who can break out for long gains.

  • Jon

    This guy is not Knowshon Moreno 2.0.  He’s Lesean McCoy 2.0.

  • dbroncs24/7

    there goes Thompson

  • reed4brandon

    bottom line of our draft for me? We could have had Donta Hightower and Lamar Miller and Brandon Thompson with the picks we originally had. And we dont… which blows.

  • JROD

    This kid can do it all. He’s more of a Marshall Faulk than people are saying. He’ll prove to be a stud.

  • KG

    You’re right, kid is studly. Small, but reminds me a little of TD and maybe even Lesean McCoy?

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm I agree that we could have had what seems like much better players on the front… But this guy will never suck as bad as Knowshow does and I hope big time that this sends Knowshow packing. If you have read me here I don’t like him, have never liked him and thought he was a waste when he was picked…

    Back to the rookie RB’s. I think Hillman has Warrick Dunn written all over him, which is a very good thing. While Dunn wasn’t Marshall Faulk he had a very good NFL career and I think if you asked him tomorrow if he’d be happy with a Warrick Dunn type career he’d say “yes”.

    Can he catch? Hell yes and is quick and fast in open space. Personally I think this is hands down the best pick we’ve made so far. If he were to land some where between Warrick and Marshall I’d be super stoked.

    While I do not like Turbin any more than I did/do Worthy I think Miller would have been quite solid as well and would be pretty happy if we actually still picked him.

  • Andrewpreston22

    I played football at SDSU with Ronnie Hillman in 2010. The kid is a BEAST! I don’t know about the NFL, but in College he ran by everyone….no one could ever judge his speed. I’m hoping that he can stay injury free, because when he’s healthy, the kid is special

  • Justin Weber

    As a MWC football fan, I approve of this pick. Hillman was the best offensive weapon in the league. Yes, even better than anybody on Boise State. Kid broke all of Marshall Faulk’s records at SDSU. We can argue all day over whether this was too early to draft him, but as soon as he hits the field, he’ll make us all forget and just be glad we got him.

  • Tyler Broderick

    I think Hillman and Martian (boise) are pretty even. In college they played in different systems and styles in offense. Either way Ithink this is a great pick and both players can have successful careers if they work hard