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Published on 04/27/2012 at Fri Apr 27 18:51.
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Brock Osweiler

Brock Osweiler poses for a headshot during the NFL Scouting Combine on Friday, Feb. 24, 2012, in Indianapolis. (AP Photo/Ben Liebenberg)

The Denver Broncos have selected Brock Osweiler with the 57th pick of the 2012 NFL Draft.

It is hard to contain the rage this pick brings me as a fan, but apparently John Elway thinks this guy is going to be the next Drew Bledsoe…err, I mean Tom Brady.

The Broncos brass decided it could not wait until the 2013 draft for a quarterback or even the third round of this years’ draft, but Osweiler is the pick and we’ll just have to wait and see how it all plays out.

What do the rest of you Bronco fans think?

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  • Josh G

    learn from Elway and Manning for 3-4 years, could be the Next Aaron Rodgers, i guess the broncos wanted insurance for Manning right away. We still need an Ed Reed type of safety to handle the Pats TE’s.

  • Anonymous

    Can someone please check to make sure McDaniels isn’t running this draft?

  • Broncofan

    Elway needs to get the hell out of town! He’s a f-ing idiot!

  • Thegoodfoot

    spoken like a true broncofan

  • Anonymous

    I would not have made this pick, but we need a back up plan if Manning goes down.  Caleb Hannie does not inspire confidence in anyone.  Welcome to Denver Brock, kick some ass

  • Idiotspotter

    Your an idiot!

  • Anonymous

     watch your mouth when you talk about the duke son

  • Jeez

    Stop Complaining Elway knows what he is doing and proved that by carrying the broncos to multiple suberbowls while you guys were munching chips -___-

  • tcwisdom

    I think EFX is reaching hard. Starting off the draft gun shy followed by frustration then impulsiveness tells me we need to go all in and trade back into the 2nd round.

  • dbroncs24/7

    everyone’s an expert around this time of year, if you were a Packers fan back when they took Rodgers you’d look pretty stupid. Not comparing him to Rodgers but chill out and wait.

  • Nikeguy916

    I cannot believe this pick. Lamar Miller would have been an impact player how in the hell is oswieler or whatever an impact player NO! He isn’t with Peyton we need to win now a backup qb doesn’t help us win now. Talk about a reach! Horrible pick I am not happy at all. Bad draft nothing can convince me other wise.

  • Tim Lynch

    I’m starting to think Brian Xanders is the driving force behind the reaches over the last 4 drafts.  He is the only constant from 2009 to today.

  • kerry

    im with the Minority here in saying i like this pick. maybe a bit too high but was Aaron Rogers drafted too high? Osweiler has some similarities to Manning actually, Tall, great arm, good field vision and good accuracy. makes bad decisions at times but what QB doesnt. his knock is his lack of actual game reps but he isnt being thrown to the fire right away unless an injury occurs to Manning. i know most of you are screaming “WHY NOT GET SOMEONE WHO WILL CONTRIBUTE RIGHT AWAY?!?!?!?!?!!!!!” well the answer is we arent just drafting for RIGHT NOW. its also a “drafting for the future” kind of situation. watch this kid and alot of you may be surprised. dont expect greatness now but he will be a good one.

  • kerry

    yeah that beast DT Derek Wolfe is also an absolute reach and a bum despite his lower first round projections too right? if MAnning goes down is Caleb Hanie gonna win it for us?? not likely. and Osweiler is for the future when Manning retires. a QB to learn from Manning is a good thing. but i guess you think Aaron Rogers is a bum too.

  • dbroncs24/7

    kerry! I’ve been waiting for a long time to agree with you and its now. He is similar to Peyton except more athletic, I like the pick.

  • roshon2411

    Well at least they didn’t trade up to get blocking TE.

  • roshon2411

    I agree with Kerry and therefore ban myself from Broncotalk for a week.

  • kerry

    Ronnie Hillman RB SD ST. hmm…

  • kerry

    or give up three picks for a QB who cant throw.

  • Cwardlow

    For every Aaron Rodgers there’s many more Tommy Maddox and David Klingler. Hate this pick. Pats used this draft to be better next season. We take a flyer on a qb of the future who MIGHT help someday. We are not deep enough to do this. We have holes that need to be filled in 2012 not worry about 2015.

  • Brofan4evr

    The only reason I am continuing to ride this train is… What Elway did to get Manning here was nothing but WORK. I am still pissed that we gave New England ANY F-ING THING!!! Why? why? why? 

  • anthony33

    Draft countdown says:
    Great height (obvious)
    Exceptionally strong arm
    Quick release
    Not a bad place to start from

    Pocket presence and throws on a low trajectory are areas of concern, but also has only one real year under his belt.

    Not sure we could not have got him later, but not a bad pick in my book.

  • stav

    Well….I dont know what to think. I would have liked Lamar Miller with this pick, but lets be honest, if we get 4 yrs out of Manning that’s a success. Who better to learn under than Manning and Elway especially as he’s no threat to play right now. 

  • Brofan4evr

    Ronnie Hillman. SD ST…He’s definately got one great fan. Marshall Faulk. Not bad!!!

  • Assholespotter


  • Anonymous


  • Matt Dierking

     I’m very disappointed in this draft.  My worst fear is that Manning goes down with an injury and we all get to hear this: “With the first overall pick in the 2013 draft, the Denver Broncos select Matt Barkley”.  There is absolutely NO QB depth on this current roster.

  • reed4brandon

    I couldnt be more pissed about this pick…

  • reed4brandon

    couldnt agree more

  • reed4brandon

    Why havent you thought this before? … I definitely think so

  • JROD

    I agree this kid’s got “Potential” written all over him, but a HUGE reach when Cousins was still there. We’ll see. The Hillman pick will prove to be epic. This kid can play!

  • Anonymous

    I agree………….  the 57th pick?   wtf?

    this guy couldv’e  been had in the 6th round?

    I do not understand this at all!!

  • Anonymous

    it’s so easy to pick up a guy as good as this joker on someone’s practice squad………  completely unbelievable pick

  • frustratedBfan

    WOW… John how did you feel when Dan Reeves wasted a top pick on TOMMY MADDOX instead of getting a player to help the team win          RIGHT AWAY!!! Now imagine how Peyton feels!!! Crap move you have set this team back by over reaching for a player who will never start on this or any team just like MADDOX, now go try to tell your team there is no plan B    

  • Anonymous

    Said in the singing manner from the commercial…

    Ooooo baby I like this pick… Hmmm Mmmm I want this guy…

    I like the pick too but WTF is right! This dude would have, I think, been around in the forth pretty easily. I do think he has future starter written all over him but man not at this pick. I say this and I was actually hoping to land the dude.

  • Grammarspotter


  • Anthony

    yeah…… a back up plan would be awesome, what if Manning starts off 1-4? a good backup plan that could lead the team to the second round of the playoffs would be awesome. Wonder where you could find someone like that?

  • Happy Fan

    Great pick. Given his lack of college experience, his stats are pretty impressive. He has Cutler type arm strength w/o the character flaws. Like Cutler, Brock will need to learn not to over rely on his arm strength. This causes him to throw errant passes, which are an interception at the next level. Overall, the kid is a rare talent with great measurables and could be the steal of the draft. Only time will tell.

  • trife

    Denver had a winner — progressing and getting better — and a chance to improve its defense — particularly the interior line and at safety.  But for some reason Elway didn’t like the style and decided to fix it with Manning.  Then he had to worry about fragility and the choices started getting panicky and now it looks pretty ugly.  The rule is, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.  Have faith in what is working and work to get better.  

  • Dark_Colossus

    I bet you this is a good pick.. A gary Kibiauk To john Elway like thing. He can play and win if needed, but just won’t be with a Healthy peyton… And so far as Lamar… NO. He’s gonna be squashed in the NFL…. Be here next year on the told you so.. the eventual pck of Hillman was weigh better… though I think to some degree giving away the 31st pick to have them pick what should have been our pick…. bt is gave us gain so..that be it.