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Published on 04/28/2012 at Sat Apr 28 12:12.
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Denver Broncos 2012 draft picks order and results. Follow BroncoTalk on Twitter for live updates throughout the draft!

Rd Pick Player Pos School Notes
2 36 Derek Wolfe DT Cincinnati via TB (pick #25)
2 57 Brock Osweiler QB Arizona State Analysis
3 67 Ronnie Hillman RB S.D. State via CLE (#87, 120)
4 101 Omar Bolden CB Arizona State via TB (pick #25)
4 108 Philip Blake C Baylor via NYJ (Tim Tebow)
5 137 Malik Jackson DE Tennessee via STL (Brandon Lloyd)
6 188 Danny Trevathan OLB Kentucky via NYJ (Tim Tebow)
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  • Udoug4man

    they need to take Jerel Worthy

  • Strick9r

    What the heck are the Broncos doing?

  • Matt S

    Being smart…that’s what they’re doing.  There is little difference in value between late first round and early second picks.  The Broncos probably feel that there are several quality players available in the second and wanted to pick up an additional pick.  Let’s not forget, this team has a lot of holes so the more players we can get, the better.  The top three defensive tackles were already taken well before #25 so there was no point in reaching for one at that point.  At this point, Worthy, Reyes, Still, Wolfe and Thompson (Clemson) are still available so they should be able to get at least one if not two quality DTs.  My guess is that they’ll probably take either Worthy or Reyes at 36 and look for a RB (Miller, Polk) at 57.  It’s not time to panic folks.  Unlike McFlop who moved up to take a project QB, EFX are drafting with their minds and not their hearts.   

  • Strick9r

    We only got one new pick…a fourth rounder.

  • roshon2411

    Completely agree.  Too many people are judging because Denver lost value according to the draft value chart.  The draft value chart is only a baseline but doesn’t correlate exactly to each year’s draft. 

    All the draft experts claimed after the Top 5 five picks, the rest of the 1st round was weak and there would be just as good of value in the beginning of the second.

    I believe they wanted either Poe, Fletcher, or Brockers to drop.

    Denver can still pick up Worthy, Reyes, or Still tomorrow and picked up an early 4th as a bonus.

    Which many had Denver taking one of those guys at 25.

    I would also be happy with LaVonte David, Courtney Upshaw or Janoris Jenkins.  Yeah, it’s not exciting to go all round without a pick, but this year was the right move.

  • Tony Lily Rules

    I think the Donks tried to drop down to get FS Harrison Smith and Minnesota out-manuevered us.  After our two guys (Hightower, Smith) were gone, we dropped into the best spot we could and gained a pick for whatever purpose (trading or using.)
    We traded 25 too fast as we thought Pitt was going Hightower and once we traded and found out he was there I’m sure there were some unhappy campers in our war room.  Loosing both names, we did the best we could to position ourselves for the remainder.
    Here’s my take on the rest of the draft:
    my revised plan for Donks after Day 1:
    2nd rd (4th pick overall): Peter Konz, C Wisconsin, 6’5″, 3142nd Rd: Kendall Reyes, DT, UConn, 6’4″, 299 or Jerel Worthy, DT, Mich St, 6’3″, 3083rd Rd: Derek Wolfe, DT, Cincy, 6’5″, 2954th Rd: Jerry Franklin, MLB, Ark, 6’2″, 242, 4.634th Rd: Marvin McNutt, WR, Iowa, 6’2″, 216, 4.554th Rd: Markelle Martin, S, 6’1″, 207, 4.455th Rd: Terrance Ganaway, RB, Baylor, 5’11”, 239, 4.676th Rd: Josh Kaddu, OLB, Ore, 6’3″, 239, 4.65

  • Tony Lily Rules

    We did gain only one pick, but we did turn another pick into a 2nd Rder.


    Silver-linings…???  I freakin hope so!

  • Tony Lily Rules

    I think we got out-manuevered and now need to rescue the draft.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying what we did was right or wrong, but now we have to circle the wagons and get some talent.

  • Tony Lily Rules

    sorry for the bad paste-job ;)

    2nd rd (4th pick overall): Peter Konz, C Wisconsin, 6’5″, 314
    2nd Rd: Kendall Reyes, DT, UConn, 6’4″, 299 or Jerel Worthy, DT, Mich St, 6’3″, 308
    3rd Rd: Derek Wolfe, DT, Cincy, 6’5″, 295
    4th Rd: Jerry Franklin, MLB, Ark, 6’2″, 242, 4.63
    4th Rd: Marvin McNutt, WR, Iowa, 6’2″, 216, 4.55
    4th Rd: Markelle Martin, S, 6’1″, 207, 4.45
    5th Rd: Terrance Ganaway, RB, Baylor, 5’11”, 239, 4.67
    6th Rd: Josh Kaddu, OLB, Ore, 6’3″, 239, 4.65


  • Frank Lee

     Good thing Bill Belichick doesn’t know any that! He’s so stupid!

  • Anonymous

    Tony Lily taught at my high school.

  • Mk602941

    I guess I was wrong about my draft picks, but I feel the Broncos made good picks overall so far.

  • Joshua Manning

    Hey Broncos fans, at least we didn’t picked a punter in the 3rd round. It could be worst! So stop saying shit about the front office, John Fox & Elway!

  • brittain

    Well so far its not terrible and in Mike S’s later years, he sure pulled off some crap drafts.  We’ll have to see. I think there were a lot of good players we could of had but it seems like the idea is to get quantity over quality.  Of course this is the NFL and players don’t always turn out the way you expect them too.  I like the positions, attitudes of all three picks tonight.  That seems to be a common thing with the three players.  They all want to play now.   I hope we get a good safety or corner now and a wide receiver or two.  

  • chiefhatersincebirth

    Brandon Boykin… please! Good corner and excellent returner. Played in all three phases at GA. Champ would like a young GA boy to mentor.

  • Roy

     I was just about to post the same thing! I would love to see another Bulldog CB in a Broncos uni.

  • Elway4Life

    Ok at first I was very disappointed and thought we’d definitely draft Jerel Worthy.  I was like wow Elway made those 2 draft trades and we’ll still get him!  But then I watched Derek Wolfe’s highlights on youtube and checked out his stats! He does look pretty good and had 3x more sacks than Worthy and 2x more tackles than him last year! His pass rush looks pretty good too and he’s 2-3 inches taller than Worthy! Just trying to be positive and hoping here Broncos fans but I do think this could work and well!  But my only question is could we have got Wolfe later? Hmm….

  • MiKey55

    Jon Hightower was there at 25 but how would be have been able to get upshaw in round two? We only drafted that high in two because of trading 1 away. Which one would you have prefered Hightower or upshaw?

  • Anthony

    that project QB took your god awful football team to the 2nd round of the playoffs. The Broncos were one of the worst teams in the NFL before that project QB took over. Even though he was poorly used, poorly coached and was never fully given the reigns by those snakes in the front office, he still had a winning record and won a playoff game. 

  • Tom9798

    I bleed orange, but this is a little tough to understand.

    Why is there a Combine or Point Scoring system?

    We never follow it.  We have our own plan.

    Pass on all the Pro-Bowl Impact players, drop out of the 1st rd., then draft players (who are all good, or they wouldn’t be there) that might help us later?

    Devious and clever.

  • Anonymous

    They haven’t played a down of NFL football and they’re pro-bowl impact players?

  • Anonymous

     Really?  I loved Lily back in the day.  I didn’t know he became a teacher

  • Anonymous

     The point scoring system that he is talking about says that someone who has a score of over 90 or something should be a pro-bowler

  • kerry

    id love to see Brandon Boykin or Josh Norman right away. then perhaps a safety like DeQuan Menzie, MArkelle Martin or George Illoka.

    dont sleep on Denver taking another RB like Robert Turbin here with our first pick this morning. i also think we are gonna see an O-linemen drafted somewhere with our last 4 picks.

  • kerry

    how are they Pro-Bowl players? Von Miller wasnt a Pro Bowl player until he actually played and did well this past year. for all we know the top five players drafted this year could be huge busts. not likely but possibly.

  • anthony33

    Now we draft a guy that didn’t even play in 2011 because of an ACL… are we sure Shanny and McDipshit aren’t sitting at the controls????

  • kerry

    this is actually a great value pick if he is healthy. alot of people had him projected early second to late first round before his injury. lets hope he is healthy. he has high character at least, so theres that.

  • Strawdog

    Bolden…”not a physical defender.”  Has had mulitple knee injuries.  He runs in the 4.5s and will go against recievers in the 4.3s.  Sweet pick.  Really, sweet pick.

  • Douglashoops2

     Do your research before you post…

  • Douglashoops2

     Do your research before you post…

  • Dan

    While it’s easy for us to talk about Bolden’s past injuries, and surely they are a factor, this is one of those picks where I have to trust Fox and Del Rio. Those guys know defense and they would not have picked him had they not been thoroughly impressed. I have heard that his Pro Day performance was excellent, so “what have you done for me lately” seems to apply. 

  • Dan

    While it’s easy for us to talk about Bolden’s past injuries, and surely they are a factor, this is one of those picks where I have to trust Fox and Del Rio. Those guys know defense and they would not have picked him had they not been thoroughly impressed. I have heard that his Pro Day performance was excellent, so “what have you done for me lately” seems to apply. 

  • dbroncs24/7

    Where did you get “not a physical defender.” He is a superb bump-and-run corner, thats his specialty. Sweet post. Really incorrect, sweet post.

  • Orange Crush

    Diamonds in the rough.  I love it.  Beautiful mining job, EFX an Co’.  With all that talent loaded up on the roster now, guys are gonna have to give it their all over the next 4 months to make that final roster cut.  Broncos are going to end up having to put some studs on the practice squad.  Watch out AFC West.

  • Strawdog

    Just draft analysis.  I’m sure you’re right.  5′ 9″ and 195 soaking wet is a sweet size in the NFL if you’re not very fast.

  • Anonymous

    The more I watch and read on Wolfe the more I love this kid.

    The thing I have learned to quickly like about Wolfe is that I honestly think he may have more upside then most of the other DT’s.

    Many of the indepth reports I read just raved about his work ethic and ultra high motor. That competitive itch really showed on the youtube videos too. The guy is always in pursuit.Every other DT was called out for taking plays off or just not giving it their all to improve. Poe for instance is as big of a risk as he is boom candidate. He is a lot more athletic then given credit for to.

    Straight line speed really doesn’t mean that much to a DT but the 3 cone drill does. It speaks volumes about how low a players center of gravity is and how flexible their upper body is.

    Wolf 7.26 3 cone drill

    Poe 7.9 3 cone drill

    In fact comparing Wolfe to Brockers

    (Wolfe on the left / Brockers right)

    20 Yard Shuttle – 4.44 / 4.81

    3 Cone Drill – 7.26 / 7.46

    40 Yard Dash – 4.94 / 5.33

    Bench Press – 33 / 19

    Broad Jump – 108 / 105

    Vertical Jump – 33.5 / 26.5

    Wolfe is WAY more explosive and has a much better center of gravity and is A LOT stronger. I can do 19 reps and I weigh 215!

    Then you look at stats


    54 tot tkls – 10 loss – 2 sacks


    70 tot tkls – 21.5 loss – 9.5 sks

    Honestly, I’m not sure how the hell he fell so far after looking at what little I can tell from the highlights, his college stats, his combine and his intangibles.

  • Speer

    The AFC west is after Manning’s head. How are we holding up for pass protection?

  • Strawdog

    Thanks, good stuff on Wolfe. Anybody who runs a sub 5 sec 40 at 6’5″ 300 is a freak.    

  • Speer

    Danny Trevathan: 286 tackles in the past 2 seasons.  Tackling Machine.  Great Pick because he’s an awesome reader and quick.

  • Jon

    I like this draft class.

  • Matthew

    Do you guys think Trevathan will ever start or just be a Special Teamer and Backup his whole career?

  • Craig Taylor

    One thing I love about this class is that I can’t see any of these guys NOT making the roster.  All hard workers with chips on their shoulders.  Fantastic job EFX!!  My grade is a solid B with an A upside.

  • Strick9r

    Looks like a very excellent crop…meets most of our needs.  Hopefully, we will get some excellent free agents.

  • Ninjaix

    Trevathan is the pick im most excited about. This kid can tackle and wrap up all while making bone crushing hits and with his speed and lateral movement i can read Fox’s mind and he will likely be covering TEs. most disappointing taking a 3-4 year backup Qb in the second round. I trust in the picks and the staff but i think we did a bad job trying to trade back and gaining quality picks we started of with a 1st and  (2) 4ths ended up making our 1st a 2nd and picked earlier in the 4th??? I like the picks but a real bad job on making moves. Hillman might be a beast if he can add about 10lbs and not lose speed and Bolden could be a real steal but has a mountain to climb to supplant Cassius Vaugh Chris Harris and Sydquan Thompson. I like Malik and see him getting a lot of snaps on 3rd down because with Ayers we can flip/flop and stunt like crazy because both guys have expirence at DE and DT. getting excited with a front 7 that has Doom(RDE) Wolfe(RDT) Jackson(LDT/LDE) Ayers(LDE/LDT) Von at OLB lining up god kows where?!?!?! GO BRONCOS!!!!

  • matthew_s54

     Awesome way to look at it. I agree 100%. I’m not huge on Brock either. I feel like Elway’s son put in a good word for him.

  • anthony33

    Very impressed with the Osweiler press conference.  I did not like this pick at first, but starting to think different.  Big strong young mobile kid with a cannon for an arm.  You have to like that.  Also says he is fairly accurate…  just needs time to marinate as a QB. 

  • anthony33

    I did… read the draft report on him.  Hey, I hope it works out great and many of the posters think he will.  Just very leery when it comes to drafting players that missed a full year to a torn ACL. 

  • anthony33

    I like Derek Wolfe too after listening to him.  Sounds like Baltimore had a lot of interest in him as well, which says a lot.  Hard nosed kid.

  • guywhosaysyou’redumb

    you’re dumb

  • Gradishar53

    “I can do 19 reps and I weigh 215!”
    Having five inch arms doesn’t count!